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Is Goat Simulator 3 Coming To Nintendo Switch?

"Goat Simulator 3" is finally here and it looks just as ridiculous and hilarious as fans might expect. The sequel to the quirky action game "Goat Simulator" (yes, the developer jumped from the first game to number three as a joke), "Goat Simulator 3" promises more open world headbutting and rampaging mayhem. While the original received generally mixed reviews, it did earn itself a cult following and got itself a sequel that plenty of fans should be eager to pick up. The question is, which fans will be able to enjoy it.


The first game was initially released just for the PC and only later made its way to mobile platforms and then to consoles. With the new title receiving more attention, console gamers, including those on the Nintendo Switch, are likely hoping that they won't have to wait in line behind PC gamers this time around. Unfortunately, the truth is that the news is mixed for consoles, and players on the Nintendo Switch are in for some serious disappointment.

Goat Simulator 3 available on consoles but not the Nintendo Switch

While, unlike its predecessor, "Goat Simulator 3" is releasing to more than just the PC at launch, its availability is still somewhat limited. According to the game's website, it will only be available on PC through the Epic Games Store so those PC gamers who favor Steam are out of luck. Further, PlayStation and Xbox users will have access to some goat-instigated chaos but they'll need current-gen consoles as it's only coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Finally, Nintendo fans are being left out entirely with no announced plans to bring the game to the Switch.


This will certainly be a cause of disappointment for those who play exclusively on the Nintendo console. Still, this isn't reason to give up hope entirely. It's important to remember that the original game initially came out exclusively on the PC and didn't make it to Xbox and PlayStation consoles until the next year. It then took another three and half for it to finally make its way to the Switch.

So, while "Goat Simulator 3" isn't available on the Nintendo Switch now and there's no word of it coming soon, there's still reason to think it could make its way to the console at some point in the future. Fans will just have to cross their fingers and see what happens.