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Modern Warfare 2: How To Unlock The M13B AR

Season 1 for "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" is nearly upon us, which means the latest iteration in Activision's military shooter just got loads more content. This includes the game's first battle pass, a new multiplayer game mode, new multiplayer maps, operators, and, of course, the launch of "Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0," which includes an entirely new DMZ mode. One of the latest additions should be familiar to fans of Infinity Ward's previous "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" – the M13B assault rifle. 


As outlined within a massive developer blog post for the first Season, the M13B is just one of several new weapons that players can look forward to unlocking and subsequently using to dispense death within any of the modes available for "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" and "Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0." However, unlocking the M13B might take some doing. From the sounds of things, it could be an even bigger undertaking than unlocking weapon blueprints with Black Site Keys.

Here's how players can unlock the M13B for themselves.

There are multiple ways to acquire the M13B AR

Luckily, Activision's enormous "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" Season 1 overview outlined different ways to unlock the M13B AR. However, the easiest may not be too appealing to all fans, as it involves spending real money to purchase the weapon as part of an undisclosed store bundle. If one isn't too keen on spending their hard-earned cash, the overview also says that the gun will be available as part of a weapon unlock challenge. 


Yet, this may be bad news for those that aren't feeling up to putting in loads of hours to grab the gun. It's not yet clear what the challenge is, but as pointed out by Infinity Ward, the M13B is part of the Bruen Ops platform. This places it in the same family as the BAS-P submachine gun, and if the M13B's weapon unlock challenge requires players to use the BAS-P, players are in for plenty of work. The SMG is free through the battle pass, but players would first have to level up enough to unlock the BAS-P and then use it enough to finally get their hands on the M13B.

If that's the case, players will have to work to ensure the M13B becomes a permanent addition to their weapon locker. However, according to Activision, it sounds like there will be one more way players could nab the assault rifle without grinding or using their hard-earned cash.


A specific DMZ challenge unlocks the M13B

The arrival of Season 1 also includes the launch of "Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0." Strongholds and Black Sites are some of the newest additions — but players seeking the M13B will want to focus on the new DMZ mode. This new way of playing "Warzone 2.0" requires players to compete against rival squads by completing various missions and objectives. This includes gathering loot, taking out AI combatants, and, crucially, managing to successfully exfil at the end of a match.


Exfil is particularly important because of the Contraband Weapons described in a blog post. "Any weapon found within DMZ is considered a Contraband Weapon. This includes weapons found on Operators or combatants, or loose in the world or within containers." If a player manages to exfil with a Contraband Weapon, that weapon is unlocked across all other game modes for permanent use by the player. This even includes the coveted M13B AR. However, Activision's blog post states that the M13B is earned within DMZ modes by "defeating [[REDACTED]]." 

Not the most informative instruction and fans aren't too pleased. On Twitter, "Call of Duty" content creator HunterTV stated, "I'd rather buy it instead of playing DMZ." Several other uses also matched HunterTV's sentiment in the comments below his post. Perhaps, with more information, unlocking the M13B in the DMZ mode won't prove too difficult. At the very least, it could prove more time-efficient than grinding through weapon unlock challenges.