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Why You'll Probably Want To Switch To Sonic Frontiers' 60 FPS Mode

In "Sonic" games, there's nothing more important than going fast — well, except for being able to actually tell what's happening on screen. Sonic and friends can go ridiculously fast in every game, but the trade-off for this speed is the uncertainty of what's coming next as backgrounds blur and players inevitably run into walls or miss platforms. In the 3D games, it's easier to tell what's coming up as the perspective shifts from a side view to a behind-Sonic view — the main thing limiting players' ability to see what's going on in newer "Sonic" games is low FPS.


The difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS is like night and day. At 30 FPS, fast movements or rapid camera changes make everything look blurry and rough. At 60 FPS, though, gameplay feels smoother, and movements look and feel more natural. 

The critically mixed "Sonic Frontiers" usually is limited to 30 FPS on consoles, even current-gen ones, because it launches in 4k resolution automatically. On PC, the game runs at 60 FPS or even higher without changing many settings, but console players will have to enable the mode manually — and not all consoles are capable of the feature. 

With 60 FPS mode enabled, running around at the speed of sound feels more responsive — and looks better — than ever before. Here's how to get 60 FPS in "Sonic Frontiers."


Only some platforms can reach 60 FPS

"Sonic Frontiers" doesn't automatically start in 60 FPS mode — what could be the most useful new feature in "Sonic Frontiers" can only be enabled by turning down the resolution. Thankfully, the method required to allow for 60 FPS in "Sonic Frontiers" is the same for Series X and PS5. That said, it's only available on PS5 and Xbox Series X — PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S players will have to make do with 30 FPS.


First, open the main Options menu and head to the Graphics tab on the right. Scroll to the bottom of the Graphics menu to see an option for Graphics Quality. "4K Mode" will be selected as the default launch setting for "Sonic Frontiers." Change the Graphics Quality option to "60 FPS Mode," save the changes, and the game will almost immediately feel more responsive.

What players sacrifice in visual fidelity is made up for by the much smoother motion on-screen. Plus, "Sonic Frontiers" doesn't sacrifice that much in terms of visuals, thanks to the dynamic resolution paired with the mode. Textures might look slightly worse when standing still, but it is an entirely different experience when in motion.


For capable players, running "Sonic Frontiers" at 60 FPS will lead to a much smoother gameplay experience with the iconic blue hedgehog.