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How To Get Loadouts In Warzone 2.0

"Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0" has several unique mechanics that set it apart from other battle royale titles, like the interrogation system. The loadouts are another way that the game stands out, giving players the opportunity to customize what guns, attachments, items, and even pre-made perk packages they can get.


In "Warzone 2.0," players can create loadouts before dropping into a game. This ensures that players have the perfect guns and items for how they want to play as long as they can get their loadout. Since these loadouts are pretty valuable, they're not extremely easy to get. In the first "Warzone" game, players could simply buy their loadout from a Buy Station. However, it's not that easy anymore. While Buy Stations do still exist, players can only buy one gun at a time from them and that gun won't have attachments.

Instead, players will have to be on the lookout for Loadout Drops.

Loadout Drops and Buy Stations

A Loadout Drop contains everything in a player's loadout, and there are two ways to get one. The first way to get one is by getting a Loadout Drop that's dropped into the game. At some point during the match, a few Loadout Drops are randomly brought in, and players can take them. However, this can be a bit risky since Loadout Drops can only be used once, so they tend to attract a lot of players.


The other way to get a Loadout Drop is riskier. Players can clear out strongholds in order to get a Loadout Drop, which can be a bit easier in some ways but much harder in others. Players must defeat several AI enemies, get a Black Site Key, and disarm a bomb to clear one out. While there are quite a few enemies, the AI in the game is generally easier to take out compared to other players. Plus, they don't have shields, so the actual players are at a pretty big advantage.