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The Callisto Protocol Official Trailer Is Going To Make Waiting Very Difficult

"The Callisto Protocol" is fast approaching its release date of December 2 and hype for the game has reached an all-time high, especially after the release of the official launch trailer for the game. After several presentations showing off the creepy environment and the horrifying monsters that await players in "The Callisto Protocol," not to mention some glowing hand-on previews praising its intense melee combat and grisly atmosphere, fans are eagerly awaiting its release. The launch trailer is focused almost entirely on narrative and tone, although it still keeps main story elements a secret.

The story trailer features the main protagonist, along with a few of the remaining humans alive in the infected prison. Scored by a swelling theme, the new trailer explains that the prison has been completely overrun with infected monsters and players will need to fight through them to survive. The trailer also hints that the source of the infection is may stem from a more sinister plot being put together by the people in charge of the prison.

Perhaps most importantly, the launch trailer also features plenty of action shots as well, with the main hero taking down plenty of enemies with melee, guns, and special abilities. For horror fans and people interested in "The Callisto Protocol," this trailer has made the wait until December 2 even harder.

The launch trailer has people hyped for The Callisto Protocol

The YouTube comments on "The Callisto Protocol" launch trailer are overwhelmingly positive, with people expressing a huge amount of hype for the spiritual successor to "Dead Space." One commenter wrote, "The first game in a long time to make me extremely excited for release!" Another person wrote, "I'm left speechless. The graphics for gameplay even match the cutscenes. Phenomenal."

The Reddit comments are equally as positive about the new trailer, with one person saying that this trailer reveals that the game has more depth to it beyond the horror and grotesque monsters that have been shown off in the other advertisements to date. Other users agreed, with one person saying the new trailer "made me feel like this is an actual game now and not just some cheap one trick pony." Other users were much more optimistic about the storytelling in the game after seeing this final trailer, while others went so far as to encourage fellow gamers to preorder the game.

Fans won't have to wait too long to get their hands on "The Callisto Protocol" as it launches on December 2 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.