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How To Find And Catch Maschiff In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet

It looks like dog Pokémon are in: "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet" has introduced three new canine lines with unique types and charming evolutions. Fidough was the first to be revealed in the pre-release marketing period, quickly becoming an internet sensation with its adorable — if tantalizingly edible — looks (per Polygon). Then Nintendo announced Greavard just three weeks before launch, adding yet another friendly but deadly Ghost Pokémon to the ever-growing list of tragically lonely creatures.


Now that the games are out, players can finally get a first-hand look at the final dog Pokémon introduced this generation: Maschiff. Called the "Rascal Pokémon," this permanently scowling pooch is an excellent Dark-type addition to your early-game team with a high Attack stat and a solid moveset that mixes staple Dark- and Normal-type attacks. That's not to say you'll need to swap it out for an upgrade in the later portions of the game — its evolution, Mabosstiff, comes into play at level 30 and has the potential to learn powerful moves like Jaw Lock, Double Edge, and Outrage as it continues to grow alongside you. 

For those wanting to add this chunky and reliable pup to their team, here's a rundown on where and how to find Maschiff in "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet."


Head west after the tutorial

Maschiff isn't as picky about its stomping grounds as other shy and rare Pokémon such as Tinkatink: its Pokédex entry simply states that it lives in Western Paldea. The earliest instance you can meet a Maschiff is right after the tutorial at the Academy sets you free on your Treasure Hunt, after which you'll want to head straight out the western gate towards Cortondo City. Bike your way straight through the main road to find Maschiffs wandering around the fields past the Cortondo (West) Pokémon Center. 


If you'd like some higher-level specimens, try exploring the grasslands in the highlighted areas and you'll find some closer to your desired level range. Rather, they'll find you — with a scrappy personality, they'll start charging straight towards you on sight, so be careful if you've already caught yourself a Maschiff or otherwise aren't well-prepared for an encounter.

As is the case with most of the Pokémon in "Scarlet and Violet," both Maschiff and Mabostiff are available as Tera Raid bosses in 1-star and 5 or 6-star raids respectively (per Serebii.net), so don't forget to check out those glowing crystal dens.