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The Creepiest Things We Found In Pokémon Violet And Scarlet

"Pokémon" has made a name for itself as a family-friendly series. With its E-for-everyone ESRB rating, children's anime, and trading card sets, children have always been the target audience for "Pokémon." But that doesn't mean some less-than-family-friendly creepy content hasn't made it into the world of "Pokémon." Cubone, for example, is a Pokémon that hides its face behind its mother's skull, which functions as a mask. However, sometimes the creepy content doesn't come from the lore but rather from unintentional technical issues.


The most notable example of a spooky glitch was the MissingNo. Pokémon. These broken Pokémon from the first generation were distorted creatures that were hard to miss, and undoubtedly traumatized many millennials. But it seems all things repeat, as the ninth generation of Pokémon is full of just as many creepy glitches and sights. Here are the creepiest things found in "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet."

A secret Attack on Titan level boss

One of the wildest creepy sights in "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet" was found by @Ferraris26 on Twitter, and it's sure to startle anyone. While exploring the cold mountains of Paldea, the player turns around to see a massive floating Delibird approaching. The footage is further heightened by the addition of the Vordt of the Boreal Valley boss "Dark Souls" music by Ferraris26, making it truly feel like a FromSoftware-level boss fight is coming.


Although these cute red and white flying ice birds are native to the region, they are supposed to be only around 3 feet in size. So, some glitch is presumably responsible for the previously cute bird balloon into a towering monster. As it turns out, Ferraris26 wasn't the only one to experience this, as users in the comments shared similar experiences with other ice Pokémon in the region, such as Snover.

A startling jump scare

 Only a few days after "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet released," Twitter user @crudblood uploaded a gameplay clip that looks like something straight out of a horror movie. During a seemingly innocuous cutscene with the Pokémon trainer Arven, a figure randomly phases into existence right in front of the camera for just a few frames. Accompanying the appearing figure was a record scratch sound that made the scene even more startling. But going back and pausing on the frame where the jump scare occurred, users can see that the phasing figure is none other than Ursaring, the evolution of the Teddiursa. 


Crudblood claimed the footage was not edited, and it appears other people have experienced a similar glitch. And after some investigating, crudblood reported that a Pokémon appears during the cutscene if a second player sends out a Pokémon during the cutscene. That being said, it's probably a good thing their friend didn't throw out something more frightening during the cutscene, like a Gengar.

A sprinting jellyfish

This next clip involves one of the oddest-looking Pokémons to come out of Generation 9. The Toedscool is a Ground/Grass dual-type Pokémon with an interesting physique. Its body consists of a bulbous pink head perched on top of two spaghetti-thin legs. One may imagine this Pokémon to be similar to the Tentacool, a water Pokémon that uses its tentacles to swim. But as it turns out, that's not the case.


In a video posted by @lilPizzaRolls on Twitter, a Toedscool can be seen running at considerable speed. What makes it particularly uncanny is that its spaghetti string legs can pick up such speed. And according to its stats page, it can run upwards of 30 mph. But overlaying it with the hilarious "Why are you Running?" meme audio makes this unsettling sight more of a joke than anything. Additionally, some users hilariously pointed out that the Toedscool running looked similar to the walking jellyfish in "SpongeBob."

Not even the children are safe

In a video uploaded by Twitter user @EvernightStudio, a small child tragically ends up in the crossfire of a Pokémon battle. In the middle of a busy street, a Dunsparce is battling it out with an Ampharos, but in the midst of battle, a small child sipping on a coffee nonchalantly strolls through without a care in the world. The problem is that the Dunsparce was in the middle of using their Drill Run ability, colliding directly with the child. But even with an accuracy of 95%, the Drill Run must have missed, because it seemed the child was unharmed.


The comments were full of users jokingly implying the child got what she deserved by walking into the middle of a fight. At the same time, others stressed the importance of conducting Pokémon battles in the wild or a gym instead of in the middle of a public walkway.