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GTA: San Andreas Horror Game Is A Creepy But Impressive Fan-Made Project

If you're a fan of Rockstar Games' "Grand Theft Auto" series, it's likely you've played "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.". However, what happens when you take this legendary title, flip it on its head, and make it a psychological horror game?

Over the years, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" has been subject to quite a few mods to improve upon the somewhat dated experience the game provides. One modder even was able to add ray tracing to "San Andreas," along with the other two original "Grand Theft Auto" games released on the PlayStation 2. However, some mods are less about improving upon the base experience and more so about changing it completely. For example, back in July 2022, YouTuber Hugo One posted a long 14-hour video showcasing the implementation of a bunch of mods to make the gaming experience in "San Andreas" as chaotic as possible.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, another "San Andreas" fan recently created their own small horror title using assets from the original game. And honestly, it's quite unsettling.

Grove Street 404 has you question your sanity

In "Grove Street 404," players assume the role of someone who must monitor certain locations in Los Santos through CCTV feeds. Created by user Piotr Rycabel and uploaded to Itch.io, the game is described as "a semi-serious horror [game] inspired by the 'I'm on Observation Duty' game series, set in the locations known from 'GTA San Andreas.'" If at any point the player notices something slightly out of place or outright bizarre on the CCTV cameras, they must report it using a button at the top-left of the user interface.

For the most part, players must memorize each still frame and report something if one of the assets has moved from its original spot or has disappeared entirely. But from time to time, players will be faced with NPCs popping into frame and staring into the camera. The best example of this is when "San Andreas" character Big Smoke pops into frame and becomes fixated on the camera. In the bottom-left of the screen, a chat can be seen between other cohorts as someone makes a reference to Smoke's infamous drive-thru order.

Despite only being days old, "Grove Street 404" has developed a small following with a litany of YouTubers having already posted their reactions to the mod on its official page.