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Pokémon Scarlet And Violet: How To Catch Roaring Moon

There are 400 different Pokémon in the "Scarlet" and "Violet" Pokédex (per IGN). Trainers will find dozens of different kinds of easily catchable Pokémon swarming each of the open areas that occupy the Paldea region, but others are far more rare and difficult to come by. Some Pokémon simply have lower spawn rates while other legendary beasts can only be captured once – but there are also some only found in a specific version of the game.


Roaring Moon is one such creature. It is one of the Paradox Pokémon that were introduced in Gen 9, meaning that they either resemble the ancient relatives of modern day Pokémon or what those Pokémon might look like in the distant future. Roaring Moon is a Dark/Dragon hybrid which was clearly modeled to look like a relation of Salamence from the past, only with a much larger and more feathered wingspan. It can only be found in "Pokémon Scarlet" at the very end of the game. This may be particularly appealing to "Scarlet" players since Salamence itself is a "Pokémon Violet" exclusive. Here's how to catch it.

Find Roaring Moon in Area Zero

Even after players have explored all of the numbered areas in the Paldea Region, one final location will still open up at the end of the narrative: Area Zero. This is located in The Great Crater of Paldea ... you know, the one place Director Clavell told the students was too dangerous to explore at the beginning of the game? That one. There are several unique and powerful Pokémon that can only be found here, however, and one of them is Roaring Moon.


Once the player beats all the gym leaders and makes it through the Victory Road, Starfall Street and Path of Legends quests, Arven will call the trainer, inviting them to explore Area Zero and giving them one final quest called The Way Home. The Pokémon in Area 0 are extremely tough, however, and Eurogamer recommended that the player have a full team consisting of Pokémon at level 65 or higher before attempting to enter.

According to YouTuber Techno Trainer, players should start at Research Station Three to find Roaring Moon and head slightly to the left toward the giant stone archway. Then, make a tight left before reaching the big tree in the path and head through a narrow gap that can be found between two large boulders. This leads to a tunnel that comes out into a cavern with a waterfall inside. Roaring Moon spawns there.


Catching Roaring Moon

Finding the right area in "Pokémon Scarlet" is only half the battle, however. Roaring Moon has a fairly low spawn rate, so it might take a few tries for trainers to coerce one into appearing. Then they have to actually catch it. This is also a tricky proposition since Roaring Moon is no pushover. It generally spawns with levels in the high 50s. Each one has a slightly different moveset, but it's capable of using Normal, Fire, and Psychic moves in addition to the Dragon- and Dark-Type moves that match its affinities, giving it a wide range of coverage for targeting the player Pokémon's weakness. On top of all that, it has an incredibly low catch rate of only 3.9%


Despite all of this, the strategy for adding a Roaring Moon to a player's Pokédex remains the same as with any other tough matchup. Simply whittle its health down to the red line, try to inflict a status ailment like Sleep or Paralyze, and then start hurling Ultra Balls at it. Dusk Balls may also be effective since it resides within a cave. Whichever Pokéball you choose to go with though, be sure to bring plenty.