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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: How To Catch Iron Valiant

Tons of new and interesting Pokémon have been introduced in "Scarlet" and "Violet." Sure, there are plenty of familiar faces out there too, but one of the best things about each generation of "Pokémon" is getting to discover all of the new kinds of creatures that the developers at Game Freak have managed to dream up. This generation, they have also added a new kind of variation called Paradox Pokémon. These are creatures that either look like they branched off the evolutionary tree of contemporary Pokémon some time in the distant past, or like they might be futuristic versions of what they will look like some time in the far-off future.

One of these is called Iron Valiant. This powerful Fairy/Fighting dual-type is a version exclusive that can only be caught in "Pokémon Violet." Its appearance seems to indicate that it's a futuristic variant of the Gen 3 favorite Gardevoir, though the fact that it has kept the Fighting trait instead of the Psychic one seems to indicate that it also has close ties to Kirlia's alternate evolution Gallade. Players will only be able to add this powerful new Pokémon to the Paldea pokédex at the very end of the game. Here's how to find it and catch it.

Iron Valiant is located in Area Zero

In order to catch an Iron Valiant, players first need to reach Area Zero. This secret final Area is located in The Great Creator of Paldea –- the giant gray blob in the middle of the map where players have spent most of the game working their way around. This Area only becomes available once players have completed the Victory Road, Starfall Street, and Path of Legends quests. They will receive a call from Arven after that stating that the time has come to explore Area Zero and start The Way Home questline. The Pokémon in this area are pretty tough (it is an endgame dungeon after all), so it's generally recommended that players get all the Pokémon in their party up to at least level 65 before attempting to enter.

YouTuber Techno Trainer has made a video showing players how to get to the area where Iron Valiant spawns. Go to the Zero Gate and then warp to Research Station 3. From here, players will want to go straight towards the stone archway, then hang a sharp left directly before reaching a tree in the middle of the pathway. There will be a small gap in the rocks which will lead to a tunnel. On the far side of the tunnel, there will be a cavern with a waterfall. This is where Iron Valiant spawns.

How to catch Iron Valiant

Players shouldn't necessarily expect Iron Valiant to be in the cavern the first time they get there though. It has a really low spawn rate, so it may take quite a bit of time before they can get it to appear. Even once it does appear though, capturing it may prove to be challenging.

Iron Vailant has a catch rate of only 3.9%. This means that players will probably have to go through a lot of pokéballs in order to get one. They should make sure to stock up on a healthy supply of Ultra Balls and Dusk Balls as these will help increase the player's odds of capturing it.

Battling it is no joke either. The level that Iron Valiant usually spawns at is in the high 50s. Each wild Pokémon may have a different moveset, and Iron Valiant has access to a pool of Normal, Ghost, Bug, Dark, Psychic and Fairy moves. This gives it a wide array of affinities that it can use against the player's Pokémon. As always, the best strategy is for players to take its health down to the red bar and then inflict a status effect like Sleep or Paralysis in order to give themselves the best chance at catching it. Then it's just a matter of luck and time.