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Gotham Knights Is Adding A Major Suicide Squad Villain

"Gotham Knights" launched on October 21 to a somewhat lukewarm critical reception. Now, just over a month later, WB Games Montréal is poised to release the title's first big update on November 29. According to the game's website, this free DLC will introduce a new gameplay mode outside of the regular campaign called "Heroic Assault." This mode will put players in new arena-style challenges in groups of four through online co-op. And fans of DC Comics and last year's "The Suicide Squad" will likely be excited to learn that a major enemy from the aforementioned film will be making an appearance as well.

This new bit of information comes by way of the official "Gotham Knights" Twitter account, which posted, "a challenger from the stars arrives in Gotham tomorrow. Don't miss the free update for Heroic Assault tomorrow at 8AM PT." The tweet also featured a picture of the four playable heroes striking dramatic poses as they face a legion of villains. From the looks of things, the bad guys all seem to be trying to reach a tank containing a strange, starfish-shaped creature.

DC fans will recognize this captive monster as Starro the Conqueror, an alien entity with the power to enslave the minds of entire plants. Starro was one of the earliest and most powerful enemies the Justice League ever faced, and it served also the primary antagonist of 2021's "The Suicide Squad." It seems clear that the heroes of "Gotham Knights" won't be able to take this cosmic starfish on alone. They'll have to work together if they want any hope of defeating Starro.