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Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope - How To Beat The Bury The Hatchet Quest

As players journey through the universe in "Mario+Rabbids: Sparks of Hope," there is a grand total of 30 different Sparks to find, rescue, and collect. These powerful fusions of Rabbids and Lumas are scattered all over the cosmos, and their unique abilities are one of the reasons why one should probably want to do most side quests in the game. 

One such side quest, called "Bury the Hatchet," is a bit on the longer side, but the life-steal Spark rewarded upon the quest's completion is a great prize. Especially for those that haven't yet obtained the revive spark. To start the "Bury the Hatchet" quest, players will first need to not only arrive on the game's third world, Palette Prime, but complete the two main quests there. It's a lot of work, but those eager to collect every Spark will want to see it through. 

Friendly lumberjack Sweetlopek is missing his axe

Once players have completed Palette Prime's main quests "The Fallen King" and "Off-Color," the world opens up and allows access to its bevy of side quests. To begin "Bury the Hatchet," players will once more have to speak with Woodrow, the warden of Palette Prime. Luckily, he's in the same spot he always is: right next to the player's spaceship. 

Woodrow will request that players go find the planet's interestingly-named lumberjack, Sweetlopek, and ask him to repair the bridge leading into Palettville. Finding Sweetlopek is as easy as following the road south from one's spaceship, and watching the right side of the road for a deep pit with coins floating above it. Using Beep-O's Scan ability, players can reveal an invisible bridge over this gap. Once across, players should follow the road as far as it goes without taking any left or right turns. At the very end, they'll find a small lumber yard in front of a house carved from an enormous stump. 

In front of this house is Sweetlopek, and approaching him will cause a cutscene to reveal that his beloved axe has been stolen. Luckily, his Spark friend Vampastra thinks they know who did it. This plucky little Spark will instruct players to meet them in Palettville, and then fly off. Fortune smiles upon those that don't want to walk the long way back to town, however, since players cannot start this quest without having previously visited Palettville. As a result, players can open their map to fast travel right into town.

Start asking questions around town

Upon entering Palettville, players will need to meet up with Vampastra at the village's northernmost pumpkin house. This is fairly easy to find if players look for the upward slope behind the two of houses on the northern edge of the village. At the top of the slope players will talk with Vampastra and the rabbid living in the pumpkin-surrounded house. According to this rabbid, Hinky, he doesn't have the axe and he'll instruct players to question the rabbid living in the village's other pumpkin house. 

The only other house that fits this description in town is immediately west of the village's fast travel flag with, of course, plenty of large pumpkins outside. Here, players will enter the house and question the rabbid inside only to be instructed to find someone called the Songbird. Heading back up the gentle incline into town will lead players almost directly to the Songbird's house. This is located right at the base of the slope leading to the first house with Vampastra, and it features a large acorn window at the top. Entering this house won't lead to another conversation with a rabbid, but players will need to read the Songbird's journal on the table and learn that they must find the Fork.

The Fork's house is directly to the right of the Songbird's house, and is also adorned with an acorn window but is a pinkish color. Inside, players will once again read a journal and have to hunt down the Fork himself. Crossing eastward straight through the village center will lead to a string of coins and a downward slope. Halfway down, players will meet the Fork and be sent to find the Magic Whetstone.

Searching for the Magic Whetstone

The Fork's desired Magic Whetstone isn't too far, thankfully. Continuing down the slope from where one finds the Fork, players ought to take an immediate right down another slope, and toward a green Darkmess barrier. To get through, players simply need to cross through the small body of water and underneath the enormous, dizzy sea monster. Here, players will find the green Darkmess block that can be carried back to the barrier to break it down. 

With that out of the way, players are free to follow the path through the woods. As soon as a crossroads is presented, players should hang a right over the gently arcing bridge and continue to follow the road or cross the open ravine thanks once again to Beep-O's Scan ability. Whichever path players take forward, they'll come to a slope on the right of a tree encircled by coins. Up this slope players will find Vampastra saying that the Magic Whetstone is nearby. Searching around using that handy Scan ability will cause the whetstone to materialize and players will then have to carry it all the way back to the Fork.

If players eliminated all of the enemies wandering the pathway leading to the whetstone, this little jaunt won't take too much time. However, running into an enemy will cause the trek to take more time. With the Magic Whetstone delivered to the Fork, players will finally learn the true identity of the thief that took Sweetlopek's axe. This will be the final stop but, unfortunately, it's the rabbid at the top of the hill. Yes, the very first one that players had to speak to.

The battle of the Stolen Axe

Hinky lied, and, as a result, players have been sent on a wild goose chase, and are now back where they started. After talking to Hinky through his front door a second time, he admits to his axe-stealing crime and asks the player and their party to enter his home and eliminate an enormous Darkmess puddle that has taken root there. 

Agreeing to help Hinky will start a battle that is the final step of the "Bury the Hatchet" quest. As a "Reach Area" battle, players will have to cross the battlefield and have at least one member of their party touch the marked area. This battle in particular is an enormous stretch of land, and there are plenty of Squashettes, Depleters, and Ghostly Walkers on the way. Both Squashettes and Ghostly Walkers are weak to Frost damage, and Depleters are weak to Shock. Players ought to plan accordingly by equipping their heroes with some Sparks that can help thin the herd of enemies blocking the way to the objective.

Additionally, Luigi can be especially useful in this battle thanks to his extremely long range of attack, and, so long as his skill tree is appropriately upgraded, the fact that he is capable of crossing long distances. Of course, almost every one of the heroes in "Mario+Rabbids: Sparks of Hope" is capable of making a great contribution to this battle thanks to the diverse roles that they fill. Regardless of how players complete the battle, once it's over the quest will finally be over. Vampastra and its life-stealing powers will join the adventuring party, and players will be one step closer to acquiring all 30 Sparks.