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Warzone 2: AQ Soldier Kills Explained

"Warzone 2.0" introduced many new features to the "Call of Duty" battle royale experience. Among these are the new "DMZ" mode, which features teams of players working to complete missions and raid strongholds or black sites for supplies before finding a safe way to extract. Players who have engaged with these new elements of the "Warzone" experience have likely encountered AQ soldiers and seen a stat for AQ soldier kills at the end of matches. As this is a new game aspect, some may have been confused and wondering just what AQ soldier kills means.


AQ stands for al-Qatala and is the terrorist organization that plays a role in "Modern Warfare 2." In "Warzone 2.0," members of al-Qatala (Arabic for the killers) serve as AI soldiers that oppose and can be killed by all players in a match. While they can be encountered across game modes, players taking part in "DMZ" matches to raid strongholds and black sites will be most likely to encounter and fight AQ soldiers as they serve as antagonists in "DMZ." The enemy soldiers also guard strongholds, black sites, and the Gulag in battle royale modes.

Once players start engaging and killing these soldiers, they'll see a stat for their work popping up when matches are over.

AQ soldier kills record your non player character kills

In matches, killing AQ soldiers will be recorded, and players will get credit on their stats sheet at the end of a game, but as other players do not control these soldiers, they won't go toward the regular kill stat. Instead, they go in a separate column; hence, adding an AQ soldier kills stat.


While running up this number may be satisfying and inevitable in "DMZ," players shouldn't put too much of their focus into it. In "DMZ," completing objectives and safely extracting should be the focus. Meanwhile, in the battle royale mode, killing AQ soldiers should be seen as a necessary step in clearing out the locations they guard, which offer valuable rewards. Players should also be aware that after clearing out a stronghold or black site, more AQ soldiers will eventually arrive to replace their dead comrades, so sticking around too long could lead to another assault led by the AI enemies there to replace the squad players already eliminated.

In either case, AQ soldier kills can be viewed as a bonus stat and something that can earn players some extra XP, but not something competitive gamers should focus on. As always, completing missions and defeating other players are the keys to success in "Warzone."