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Dream Confesses To Bizarre Dream About These Three Influencers

"Minecraft" streamer and internet icon Dream has had some interesting sleep-related fiascos lately. A few months ago, he had to go to the hospital during Twitchcon because he fell out of bed while he was asleep and hit his head. Now, he's having bizarre dreams about other influencers.

Dream posted a Snapchat story about a wacky dream he had. In the dream, TikTok influencer Noah Beck was at a casino where Dream was, and Beck was acting like a jerk and stealing things (even though Dream pointed out that he thought Beck was a great guy in real life). Dream gathered a group of elderly people to beat Beck up because he didn't think Beck would hurt anyone who was older. The old people won, but Beck learned that Dream was behind the whole thing.

Beck turned and beat Dream up, eventually getting arrested. Bryce Hall and Josh Richards, two other TikTok stars, were also at the scene. However, they weren't fighting with anyone, and they actually warned Dream that Beck might break out and fight him. So what did Hall do? He offered to train Dream, of course. That way he won't get pummeled once Beck inevitably breaks out of prison. The dream was surely a wild ride, but what did the influencers think about it?

Bryce Hall responds

People took to Twitter to laugh about this hilarious dream from Dream, especially considering he recounted the tale using a filter that turned him into a talking tampon. Even Bryce Hall chimed in, saying that he would gladly train Dream.

Many were hilariously confused because Dream posted about his dream early in the morning, making it the first thing many people saw. Some joked about being disturbed by the filter Dream chose and didn't focus on the dream while others were blown away by the dream itself. Some laughed because they didn't hear that it was a dream at first and were very confused, especially since it came right after a selfie of the star.

Dream's filter choice spawned the word "drempon" and fanart of the streamer as well. This upset some people, but for the most part, people thought it was funny.

Maybe this dream revealed something important, or it's just a hilarious story to tell involving four fun internet names. Either way, Dream's audience had fun with it, and it's a creative way to use the filter. In fact, some wondered if Dream chose the filter because he was accused of displaying toxic masculinity.