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Dream Reveals Why He Had To Go To The Hospital During TwitchCon

After a face reveal that rocked the internet, Dream attended TwitchCon, one of his first in-person events since revealing his face to the world. Unfortunately, Dream suffered from a freak accident during the convention, causing him to need to go to the hospital. Dream, a "Minecraft" YouTuber who spent the majority of his career behind anonymity, recently revealed his face to the internet. While some people took the opportunity to mock his appearance, the face reveal appeared to be a success, leading Dream to attend TwitchCon without his mask.


During the convention, Dream shared a few images on his Snapchat of some injuries he had sustained (via discduo thinks), which included some bruises, scrapes, and a gash in his forehead, with one having the caption "bro I did like a backflip in my sleep or something and woke up thinking I had to go to the hospital." Dream wasn't the only content creator injured during the event, as Adriana Chechik broke her back after jumping in a foam pit set up inside of TwitchCon. Some fans were concerned by Dream's posts, wondering how the content creator injured himself and if he is okay. Dream was back on the TwitchCon floor the next day and cleared up the situation.

Dream fell out of bed and hit his head on a table

Dream explained on GeorgeNotFound's livestream from the convention floor what exactly happened to him (via @voidofviper.) Dream appeared on the livestream wearing an eyepatch and explained that he was sleeping and woke up with his head in his hands, covered in blood. Dream said he believes he rolled off the bed and hit his head on the side table, resulting in him being knocked out. This also resulted in his biggest injury, the gash in his forehead. Dream said he must have fallen from there, resulting in the bruises and scrapes he also had. He continued to explain that there had been blood everywhere, but the cleaners came and dealt with the issue.


Dream seems to be recovering fine, as he made a post on Instagram joking about the incident. The caption reads "outside for a few days and I'm already in an eye patch... don't ask," along with some images of him in his eyepatch at TwitchCon. He also shared a screenshot of Twitter showing "Are You Okay" trending on the platform, presumably related to his Snapchat posts. Despite his injuries, Dream's first public event post face reveal appears to have gone well.