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This Game Actually Caused A Twitch Streamer To Pass Out

Most gamers have had a moment of joy or frustration when they felt that their emotions would overwhelm them. One game however, recently got Twitch streamer GingerBeardie so excited that he literally passed out.


"Runescape" may not be the most famous or best looking MMORPG available, but it is one of the longest running, and has cultivated a passionate fanbase. The game also features some truly brutal challenges that push veteran players to their limits. GingerBeardie discovered this when he took on The Inferno, a minigame featuring escalating waves of enemies for the privilege of earning the powerful Infernal Cape.

In a tweet sharing video of the incident, the streamer explained how it had taken him between 15 and 20 tries to complete the challenge. Given that the challenge involves a total of 69 waves of foes and forces players to start from the beginning if they fail, this many tries could represent many hours of struggle. Upon finally achieving victory, GingerBread immediately broke into cheers that bordered on shouts, expressing a combination of frustration, triumph, and relief. He concluded by yelling "I ain't never coming back," a promise to never put himself through The Inferno again.


Right after this declaration, however, GingerBeardie suddenly became silent, staring off into space. He then fell forward and remained still for several seconds. Meanwhile, the chat of his stream filled up with messages of congratulations and jokes about his reaction.

It seems GingerBeardie is taking his victory and brief fainting spell in stride. His tweet concluded with "Windows Key imprinted in my forehead for life, passed out, GG."