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Twitch Stopped Promoting Asmongold, And Not Even He Knows Why

The latest "World of Warcraft" expansion, "Dragonflight," has been released, bringing a ton of new content to the MMO. The new content has old players returning and current players excited to get in on the action. This excitement extends to streamers as well, including the incredibly popular Asmongold, who expressed his excitement about the expansion on Twitter. Asmongold is best known as an MMO streamer, playing "World of Warcraft" and "Final Fantasy 14" on his channel regularly. Naturally, Asmongold decided to hop online and check out the expansion on stream, but Asmongold noticed that something was wrong with the Twitch recommended page.

As shown in a clip, Asmongold took a break from "World of Warcraft" during the stream to check out the recommended streamers under the "World of Warcraft" category to see where he stacked up compared to them. He pulled the list up on screen and quickly realized that he was not listed on the desktop version of Twitch. He pulled out his phone to check there, to see if it was a fluke or not. Asmongold said it wasn't a big deal before quickly shifting gears. "This doesn't make any f****** sense. It shows everybody else except me," Asmongold said, clearly frustrated. His viewers in the chat joked he might be shadowbanned, but it appears to be an unintentional consequence of some changes made by Twitch, according to other Twitch viewers.

Is Asmongold not being promoted by Twitch intentionally?

While Twitch likely won't come out and directly confirm if it is choosing to not promote Asmongold's "World of Warcraft" streams, some Reddit users discussing the clip of Asmongold talked about their experiences with Twitch recently and how it is neglecting some streamers. "I had a forced update to twitch on my fire stick a few weeks ago and it's garbage now. I hate it. It doesn't show half the people that are actually live. But it'll show them under recommended. Makes no sense," user DemonDevilDog wrote.

Other users shared screenshots showing that Asmongold appears in the "World of Warcraft" category for them, suggesting that the streamers displayed could be different for each person. Multiple comments suggest that this issue is a bug, with some users reporting seeing Asmongold and others saying they don't. While Asmongold appeared to feel targeted in his stream, enough viewers have reported this issue occurring with other streamers as well that it seems more like a bug affecting people randomly.