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World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight - What We Know So Far

As if gamers didn't already love hit MMORPG "World of Warcraft" enough, there are going to be more adventures – and more dragons – than ever before. Enter "World of Warcraft: Dragonflight," an upcoming expansion with the potential to attract both old and new players to the mysterious land of Azeroth.

Announced during a "World of Warcraft" reveal stream on April 19, 2022, "Dragonflight" is one of multiple DLCs coming to the game, including "Wrath of the Lich King Classic." There was also the fairly recent "Shadowlands" expansion and its 2021 "Chains of Domination" addition, demonstrating Blizzard's commitment to keeping "World of Warcraft" fresh. This is especially notable given how the lawsuits surrounding Activision Blizzard have affected "World of Warcraft."

Though the expansions may not fully satisfy fan cravings for a full-fledged sequel, they bring new elements to the enduringly popular title. Here are the details that have been revealed so far about "World of Warcraft: Dragonflight."

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight release date

There's no official release date for "World of Warcraft: Dragonflight." This isn't much of a shock since the expansion was recently announced. Since "World of Warcraft" is a PC exclusive and Blizzard plans to keep it that way (via IGN), it is basically guaranteed that "Dragonflight" won't come to consoles.

What is available is the promise of an upcoming beta. Players can sign up on the official "Dragonflight" site, which will also ensure they receive development updates. Given the scale and popularity of "World of Warcraft," it's more than likely "Dragonflight" will be teased for awhile and eventually narrowed down to a launch window or release date once the hype is even higher.

Since "World of Warcraft" is free up to level 20, it will be interesting to see how "Dragonflight" is priced. The base version of "Shadowlands" retails for $39.99, with upgraded editions available for $59.99 and $79.99. Of course, there is always the possibility of packages and deals, which rings especially true given the "World of Warcraft" standard subscription model.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Trailer

Running a whopping five minutes, the "World of Warcraft: Dragonflight" cinematic announcement trailer does not disappoint. In full cinematic glory, the trailer opens with intense instrumental music interspersed with cuts of characters, dragons, and the lush, natural world of Azeroth.

After the title reveal and a cut to text setting the scene 10,000 years ago, a deliberate narration by Alexstrasza crafts a compelling story about a world in pain that needs healing. The focus turns to anthropomorphic stone statue Watchers, who witness the overtaking of Azeroth by darkness and storm. As instructed by Alexstrasza, the mission at hand is to reignite the Beacon of Tyrhold.

The focus hones in on a Watcher who traverses through volcanic landscapes into the treacherous Beacon, only to find someone dead on the throne therein. The determined Watcher presses on, climbing to the top of the Beacon in a literal cliff-hanger journey. He manages to light the Beacon but falls in slow motion until a heroic red dragon rushes in to save him at the last second. More dragons join in and circle the sky as Alexstrasza declares, "Together, we will be Azeroth's protectors once again. Here, the new age of dragons shall begin."

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Gameplay

An abundance of new gameplay features will be introduced to "World of Warcraft" through "Dragonflight." As the name implies, riding dragons will be a part of the game. With variations in every Drake, skillful maneuvers, and more opportunities for strategic advancement and customization, it seems this function has a lot of intricacy to it.

Another big addition will be the Dracthyr Evoker race-and-class combo, which will be the first playable fusion of this kind in "World of Warcraft." With dual human and dragon forms, the ability to choose a side to fight with, and special abilities, the Dracthyr Evokers have a lot to offer.

As if that's not enough, additional new gameplay features include the Dragon Isles region, a talent system redesign, HUD updates, in-depth crafting, plus a new level cap, new raids, and new dungeons. The announcement of "World of Warcraft: Dragonflight" may not have revealed everything yet, but what has been shared shows great promise for fans of fantasy and flight.