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Why Fans Think Rockstar Wasted A Great Opportunity With GTA 5

"Grand Theft Auto 5" was first released in 2013. Since then, the game has had plenty of updates and content added to the game, but almost exclusively for "GTA Online" — the multiplayer-only portion of the game. And even though Rockstar finally kept its promise and added DLC to reveal the fate of the "GTA 5" characters in "GTA Online," the content was still focused and built around the online portion of the game. It has become a bit of a sour point for certain fans. Among countless potential plot threads, fans have pointed to one easter egg in the game that could've been much more if Rockstar had focused on single-player content.

On the r/gaming subreddit, user Felizem_velair_ posted a picture of the alien easter egg from Mount Chiliad, pointing out that fans will never solve the mystery because Rockstar "gave up" on new single-player content for "GTA 5."

The post blew up, and fans had a lot to say about how frustrated they were that Rockstar favored "GTA Online" over the single-player content of "GTA 5." Some even feared that "Grand Theft Auto 6" could incorporate online features into gameplay or, at the very least, require a connection to the internet to play.

While Rockstar might not have done much with the alien mystery in "Grand Theft Auto 5," it seems there were plans for something more at one point.

The mystery at Mount Chiliad

Mount Chiliad is a mountain in San Andreas, and it's the site of the alien-looking easter egg that Felizem_velair_ posted about. Users in the comments pointed out that there's an entire subreddit dedicated to working out the oddity, r/chiliadmystery, and it would seem that the mystery is pretty much solved — even if fans can't experience resolution the way they thought they would.

According to a few fans, the game's script includes assets like an Alien Egg and a Damaged UFO. Many theorized that this would be content for the future, even thinking it would be a full-fledged DLC that went with "Grand Theft Auto Online" at the time. However, nothing substantial was ever done with the assets, and many, like Felizem_velair_, still think about what could have been to this day. While "GTA Online" players could find a crashed UFO and alien egg after lots of grinding, it was nothing compared to the conspiracy theories and deep thought fans had put into the mystery for years.

Considering the alien mystery saw no new updates alongside "GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced," Rockstar may never go back to release content centered around the Mount Chiliad mystery — especially considering the team is now working on "GTA 6."