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The Embarrassing Way Pokimane's Name Was Pronounced To Her Face

Imane Anys – better known as Pokimane – is one of the most recognizable streamers working today. Even though Pokimane shared an emotional update about changes coming to her content in 2022, she has continued streaming on Twitch while diversifying the types of videos she creates. Between YouTube vlogs, Pokimane still finds time to stream, talking to her viewers directly. While she doesn't game as much as she used to, her personable attitude and knack for telling stories have kept Pokimane's fans interested. Pokimane's latest story had some fans laughing, even though it involved an embarrassing shopping moment for the streamer.


Pokimane's stories aren't all grand, and they often involve details about her everyday life. For example, Pokimane recently jumped online to tell her viewers why she'd been wearing false teeth, explaining that she'd had issues with her jaw and needed the teeth to help correct the problem. Pokimane's openness with her fans creates a sense of friendship that some fans have taken advantage of in the past. Some fans have sent the streamer alarmingly toxic messages in an attempt to get a reaction from the streamer, while others have simply tried tolure her into disturbing scams. Regardless of how comfortable viewers feel with Pokimane, or how popular her content is, she's still a person with an ordinary life. Everyone doesn't know her, especially out in the real world, which can lead to some hilarious altercations. This is exactly what happened when Pokimane went shopping at a high-end store recently.


A sales associate makes a big mistake

In a recent stream, Pokimane explained to her viewers that she'd been out shopping at a store fancy enough to have a personal sales associate. Pokimane explained that the associate was handsome and nice, but things got weird toward the end of their interaction. Pokimane paused, and sighed, "I don't know if anyone's going to know what I mean, but sometimes guys scare me because I feel like if I talk to them too much ... I feel like you're gonna think I'm interested in you if I speak more than three words." She explained that some men think that women want to be romantically involved when really they just want to have a friendly conversation, or – worse yet – are being polite.


The pair had a pleasant interaction, and the sales associate made friendly conversation, asking Pokimane what she liked to do in her spare time. She responded, telling him about her gaming. When chat asked if the man might have recognized Pokimane, she said he likely didn't. He seemed confused by her gaming hobby, and had probably never played a game himself, she explained.

When the associate asked Pokimane for her last name, so he could put it on the bill, she spelled it out for him, "A-N-Y-S." Pokimane said that he then made eye contact and said, clearly, "Anus."

Then he asked Pokimane on a date

"When I tell you my jaw dropped, like I was in shock," Pokimane said, flabbergasted. "It was like he didn't even try to pronounce it properly or decently whatsoever." She said that he also had a deadpan look, which made the entire interaction more uncomfortable. "You never heard that word out loud!," Pokimane said. Chat suggested that it was a joke, but Pokimane wasn't so sure. The associate didn't laugh, and it didn't seem like a prank. Pokimane's last name is typically pronounced "AH-Niss," but the worker didn't get the hint. However, his uncomfortable perception of her last name didn't stop him from trying to ask her out on a date.


"And then when he handed me my bags, he was like, 'What are you doing this weekend?'" Pokimane laughed. "I was like, 'Sir! After you just sternly said the word 'anus' to me?!'" The streamer explained that in all her years, she'd never had someone pronounce her name that way. When chat asked her if she really wasn't going to go on a date with the sales associate, Pokimane paused.

"If you traumatize me before we even go on a date, we're not going to go on a date, you know what I mean? It's like, I can't trust you with my peace of mind," Pokimane elaborated. The streamer insisted that the man wasn't joking and didn't understand who she was in the slightest. Even though she told him how to pronounce her name correctly, the associate didn't change his story. "It's not giving joking vibes!" Pokimane exclaimed.


Even though Pokimane is used to people mispronouncing her last name, the interaction still came as a shock.