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Why Twitch Viewers Couldn't Handle This xQc Stream

During a recent stream on Twitch, xQc decided to clean his room for the first time in a while with help from his viewers. Unfortunately for the folks who tuned it, the state of his room seemed to be too much for some of them to handle. 

Having now crossed the threshold of 11 million followers on Twitch and over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Felix "xQc" Lengyel is one of the internet's most viewed personalities. In 2021, he was listed as one Twitch's top earners on the platform. Building an audience like that takes a lot of dedication, which can sometimes get in the way of other, more basic tasks. One such task could be cleaning your room.

xQc has cleaned his room on-stream before, much to the excitement of his fans, but things have once more piled up over the course of many moves and streams. During his livestream on November 30, xQc decided to clean his room again. But this time, some of his viewers just couldn't hang.

XQc's room was a complete mess

While xQc's real life behavior might surprise fans, his room's messiness definitely didn't. The area was just as messy — if not more so — than it has been in the past. To say the very least, xQc's room was a mess of epic proportions. The gamer's desk was lined with empty cups, water bottles, and napkins. At one point during the stream, xQc could be seen discarding an empty pizza box with portions of pizza crust still in it. Upon doing this, a text-to-speech recitation of one of his viewers' comments made their feelings known about the situation. "[This is an] xQc L," one commenter said. "Bro had the food there for so long that the mold started to build civilizations in there." Other commenters couldn't resist expressing how grossed out they were by the state of xQc's room.

Later, xQc posted a video to his YouTube channel that showed him doing his laundry. According to the title of the video, this is the first time the 27-year-old xQc had ever done his own laundry as he required the help of his chat on stream earlier in order to finish the task. Throughout the laundry video, xQc seemed to be quite confused about the process, despite watching several tutorial videos early on. On Reddit, comments poked fun at xQc's execution of the task, while others worried whether or not he'd remember to take the clothes out when they were done.

Not all comments were mean, though. "Our streamer is growing up right before our eyes," one comment on YouTube said. "I'm so proud of you xQc. Good job man," another said.