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xQc's Real Life Behavior May Surprise You

Many streamers have larger than life personalities and will occasionally go over the top to keep viewers invested, and xQc is no exception. The streamer has been called out for toxic or shady behavior on more than one occasion, leading to many bans from various platforms. Between his multiple bans and his shady moments.


Despite the controvers, the streamer still made some of the most money among Twitch streamers in 2021. Fans still find his brand of commentary to be entertaining and interesting to watch, and it seems like everyone enjoys hearing different opinions when it comes to internet drama.

In the last year, a few of xQc's streaming buddies have spoken about the streamer's real-life behavior, and their comments might be shocking for people who only know him for his intense online persona. According to a few high profile content creators, xQc is surprisingly wholesome and supportive of his friends when the camera isn't running.

Sykkuno says xQc is polite in person

Sykkuno and xQc have been playing games together since the two teamed up on the NoPixel "Grand Theft Auto" roleplaying server. Since then, Sykkuno has helped xQc get involved with his other friends, including gaming queen Valkyrae, who initially thought xQc was intimidating. Sykkuno and xQc have become solid friends online, with Sykkuno even making a case for xQc's reinstatement when he was banned from the NoPixel server. According to Sykkuno, xQc is actually pretty friendly and polite in real life. This was seemingly proven when the two ran into each other at Universal Studios in December 2021.


On Twitter, xQc shared a picture of himself and Sykkuno posing together, commenting that they finally met in person. Sykkuno also posted about the event, even sharing a look at a cute stuffed bear that xQc won for him in a game. All in all, the hangout was even more wholesom than fans might expect, with later pictures showing the two sharing a hug and more stuffed animals.

The impromptu meetup between the two online buddies just proved how sweet xQc can be with his real friends. At the very least, he didn't keep all the prizes for himself.


Pokimane has had a tumultuous past with xQc, and the two have been on different sides of plenty of online arguments through the years. However, the two have formed an unlikely friendship, and Pokimane even called xQc the "hottest" streamer on Twitch


Pokimane explained in a stream from November 2021 that she wanted to get into "Grand Theft Auto" roleplaying, and that xQc was quick to help her. She wanted someone to "show her the ropes," but no one else was quite on board to help her out. She said, however, that xQc was more than happy to make the time in his schedule to help, which she really appreciated.

It's not every day that a streamer will take the time to help another streamer, especially when it comes to learning another game. To do so outside of the regular streaming schedule suggests that the two have a pretty solid friendship. While xQc may have his toxic moments on-stream, he's supportive of his friends when they need him. He's also been known to dance when the occasion arises, as seen in behind the scenes clips posted by Pokimane. And aren't impromptu dance parties what friends are really for?