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Bethesda Boss Breaks Silence About Upcoming Indiana Jones Game

Bethesda's Todd Howard appeared in an episode of the Lex Fridman Podcast on November 29 and had plenty to say during its almost three-hour runtime. Howard didn't provide information on the redacted release date for "Elder Scrolls 6," unfortunately, but he detailed the ways in which Elon Musk helped Bethesda prepare for "Starfield," and he also gave fans some news regarding the company's upcoming "Indiana Jones" game.


Announced nearly two years ago, news on Indy's latest gaming venture has remained almost nonexistent. We know that it is being developed within Bethesda by MachineGames as part of a collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, and that it will feature a new narrative. Other than that, Bethesda has left the project shrouded in mystery. We're unsure of a release date, or even what type of experience it is set to be. Now, however, Howard has shared some scraps of information about what fans can expect when the game finally comes around.

Bethesda's Indiana Jones game is 'a mash-up'

Acting as executive producer, Todd Howard regards working on the "Indiana Jones" game as an item on his "bucket list." In fact, Howard seems to be an enormous fan of the famous character and stated that "Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark" is "No debate ... the best movie ever." 


In fact, Howard apparently tried to get the ball rolling on an "Indiana Jones" game as far back as 2009 when he met with Lucasfilm. Lucky for "Indiana Jones" fans, Howard didn't give up on the prospect. "You know Lucas, now part of Disney, they're doing a lot more licensing and working with people, and so I knew some folks there and said, 'I have this idea that I pitched a long time ago,' and they loved it."

Howard went on to say that MachineGames is "the perfect fit for this game" based on their previous work with the "Wolfenstein" series. In response to whether the it is an action-adventure title, Howard remained vague, saying that the game is more of "a mash-up." "It isn't one thing, intentionally. It does a lot of different things that, you know, we've, myself and Jerk and the folks at MachineGames, have wanted to do in a game. It's a unique thing."


While none of this shed light on the story or gameplay elements, after almost two years of waiting, fans may welcome more details of any kind about Bethesda's "Indiana Jones" project.