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Where To Find The Best Weapon In Callisto Protocol

"The Callisto Protocol" is finally here, and many fans are rejoicing after getting their hands on the game that had critics raving. As players are starting their games, they're looking for the best weapon to take with them on their journey through the horror-filled solar system.


There's always a bit of debate surrounding the best weapon in any game, but some are considering the Riot Gun to be top-tier. The two-handed shotgun can be upgraded several times to increase ammo, have explosive rounds that do AoE damage, and even help with recoil and handling. According to Pro Game Guides, it's great at one-shotting everything except bosses, which can make it a valuable tool for getting through most of the game – as long as you can hit that shot.

Luckily, the Riot Gun isn't too difficult to find itself, and it's not hidden behind the season pass paywall like some death animations are.

How to get the Riot Gun

There's nothing too hard to do in order to get the Riot Gun. In fact, it just requires playing the game and progressing through the chapters. In Chapter Five, the Lost chapter, players will meet Dani. After fighting a horde of monsters, there will be a cutscene where Jacob, the player, and Dani will talk a bit. After Jacob asks why he should trust Dani, Dani gives her gun to him.


This gun just so happens to be the Riot Gun, and players will be able to use it from the rest of that mission onward. The fact that it's so easy to find makes it feel even better to use – it's not even out of the way to find since it's literally planted onto Jacob's chest. However, since there are only eight chapters in "The Callisto Protocol," players only have access to the weapon for three-and-a-half chapters of the game.