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Valkyrae Has A Pretty Simple Reason She's Not Getting Any More Tattoos

Live streaming megastar Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter puts much of her life online for all to see. This includes uploading travel vlogs and providing her viewers with details of significant events in her life, such as when she moved houses. But that's not all. Her audience of over 3 million subscribers is occasionally given a sneak peek into the more intimate details of her life, like her makeup routine and various other behind-the-scenes content. And sometimes, the streamer even reveals significant secrets about her life to her audience.

For example, previously, Valkyrae and her roommates engaged in a Truth or Drink challenge that asked surprisingly intimate questions about their personal lives. This game revealed much about Valkyrae and her fellow content creator roommates SykkunoFuslieKKatamina, and Yvonnie. And recently, Valkyrae and her roommates sat down once again to play a similar game, during which Valkyrae revealed the simple reason she has decided not to get any more tattoos.

One bad tattoo too many

Recently, Valkyrae and her roommates played a round of "Who's most likely to." In this game, an action is presented, then each person has to indicate who they believe would most likely perform it. Each player had to hilariously throw up a picture of the chosen roommate's face. As the game started to ramp up, the question of "Who's most likely to get a really bad tattoo" came up, and the results were mixed, with only Fuslie choosing Valkyrae.

When explaining why she picked Valkyrae, Fuslie stated, "I don't think Rae would get a bad tattoo," instead saying that she based her decision on the fact that Valkyrae had previously gotten a bad tattoo. The tattoo she's referring to is the Greek delta tattoo on her left wrist. Valkyrae admitted that she doesn't like the tattoo and stated, "I'm no longer getting any more tattoos because I don't care for either of my tattoos." Although she has only shown off one tattoo publicly, users in her subreddit claim she has multiple tattoos but chooses not to discuss them with her viewers.

As for the rest of the answers, Valkyrae chose Fuslie, arguing that she is spontaneous enough to do it, while the rest of the crew chose either Sykunno or Kkatamina. Fans can view the rest of the game via Vakyrae's channel for Part 1, Yvonne's for Part 2, and Fuslie's for Part 3.