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The Song In HBO's The Last Of Us Trailer Means More Than You Think

A little over a month before the debut of the first season, HBO unveiled a harrowing and hopeful new trailer for "The Last of Us." Packed with shots of the cast, the December 3 preview places several tense and touching moments on display that capture the tone of the game franchise the project draws inspiration from. The song that plays in the background of the trailer makes the experience all the more moving, further indicating that the producers of the show intend to honor the legacy of the source material.


Fans of '80s pop-rock may have identified the song from the segment as a haunting cover of A-ha's "Take On Me." The anthem about love and taking risks to find it perfectly fits the themes of "The Last of Us." More than that, it serves as an Easter egg and a tribute to a touching moment from the second entry in "The Last of Us" video game series.

Trailer song references a sweet cutscene in TLOUP2

Players that did some exploring in "The Last of Us Part 2" may have experienced a heartwarming interaction between Ellie and her girlfriend, Dina, in addition to enjoying the singing skills of voice actress Ashley Johnson. While combing through Seattle, players can go to an abandoned music shop near the center-left of the map and find a guitar on the floor (per Skull Busters). Interacting with this guitar will cause Ellie to pick it up and start playing, leading to a brief cutscene during which she serenades her partner with an acoustic version of "Take on Me." 


This moment, all the more special because players had to do some work to earn it, provides an excellent example of the emotional core of the "The Last of Us" IP. By including yet another version of the song in the trailer, the show hits similar notes and also offers a special treat to the hardcore fans of the video game series.