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What Happens After You Beat Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

Endgame content and the amount of mileage players can get even after completing the core narrative serve as major components of any "Pokémon" game. Despite having a less than ideal launch in terms of performance and stability, "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet" have still become some of the fastest-selling video games in the history of the franchise. A big part of this success pertains to the sheer amount of things to do while in Paldea and the unique Pokémon that both "Scarlet" and "Violet" possess.


While "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet" give players access to a wide range of content and activities to participate in throughout their lengthy runtime, players may wonder what will keep them occupied once they complete the main story and the credits roll. Luckily for "Pokémon" fans, "Scarlet and Violet" offer tons of pursuits, challenges, and bonuses even after the campaign concludes and their primary journey in Paldea draws to a close.

The best chance at completing your Pokédex

Any master Pokémon trainer must go through the integral process of completing their Pokédex. After clearing the central narrative, players will have their best chance at pulling this off. After the core story draws to a close, players will have a meeting with Director Clavell, who will give them a Master Ball. With this Poké Ball in hand, trainers will enjoy a 100% catch rate for the Pokémon they choose to throw it at.


Depending on the version of the game you've chosen, you will have access to one of the two Legendary Pokémon show on the cover art: Koraidon for "Scarlet" players or Miraidon for "Violet" players. According to Prima Games, trainers should reserve their Master Ball for catching one of these Legendary types, especially since it remains unknown whether players will have access to more Master Balls down the line.

Compete in the Academy Ace Tournament

Throughout "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet," players must take on rival gym Leaders. Once they've beaten the main storyline, Geeta will notify trainers that they can enter the Academy Ace Tournament, a competition that features battles with some of the highest-level Pokémon of the entire game. To enter the Academy Ace Tournament, they will have to battle all eight gym Leaders again (per Game Rant).


Within the Academy Ace Tournament itself, players will face four formidable Pokémon trainers — Arven, Jacq, Dendra, and Geeta — all of whom possess Pokémon which have progressed to at least Level 65 (via Nintendo Life). While a tough challenge, the competition can help you level up your own Pokémon collection and squeeze out as much content as possible from "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet." After winning, you can re-enter the Academy Ace Tournament as many times as you choose to face a roster of random trainers.

New raid events

After you've beaten "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet" and re-battled all of the rival Gym leaders in the game, you will have the option to participate in 5-star and 6-star Raids. These raids will give players more of a challenge then any of the previous Tera Raid Battles (via Polygon). At first, you will only have access to 5-star Raids. After participating in those for a while, you will receive word from Pokémon trainer Jacq that 6-star Raids are also available.


Once you've beaten all of the 5-star Raids, you will also gain access to a special, limited-time event in which you can catch a Charizard (per GameSpot). This is a 7-star Raid, meaning it is technically the most difficult of the bunch. The Charizard in question is also level 100 and a Dragon Tera-type. So, if endgame content is what you want, this event is a must-play.