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The Callisto Protocol: How To Get The Skunk Gun

The spiritual successor to "Dead Space" has finally arrived, so it's time to start collecting futuristic zombie-killing guns again. So far, "The Callisto Protocol," which launched on Dec. 3, has received mixed reactions, but critics agree that the action and difficulty ramp up in the second half of the game. And just like in "Dead Space," if you're going to survive the story of "The Callisto Protocol," your going to need the very best weapons as you can find. 


This includes even the in-game shotgun known as the Skunk Gun. Of course, there is some debate as to whether or not you should snag this weapon. According to GameSpot, players should collect every weapon possible, including the Skunk Gun, in order to fight off the game's enemies. On the other hand, Game Rant argues that players are better off saving their resources and waiting for a free shotgun available later in the game. If you do choose to grab the Skunk Gun, however, here's how to do it.

Getting the Skunk Gun

The Skunk Gun can only be grabbed in the game's third chapter, just after the elevator crashes. Upon reaching the dark and creepy basement, go to the end of the area, where you run into a group of enemies. You'll find an interactive item here called the "gate fuse." Grab that fuse, go back to the elevator, and use it on the fuse box nearby. 


After placing the fuse, a room opens up. Run inside the room and crawl up into a small vent. This will lead you into another room, where you can find the schematics for the Skunk Gun. Now you're home free! Just get those blueprints to the upgrade station and pay 800 credits for this fantastic addition to your arsenal. The Skunk Gun acts as sort of a handheld shotgun and can do some serious damage. With a trusty shotgun by your side early on in the game, you should now stand a much better stance of fending off the many dangerous foes of "The Callisto Protocol."