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Not Even Cheats Could Save This Apex Legends Player

Whether it's a cheat to max out character upgrades, an invincibility hack, or something entirely different, one of the most frustrating things about encountering a cheater in a competitive game is that it feels like no matter how well you play, they're essentially unbeatable. That wasn't the case for one particular "Apex Legends" player, though. As it turns out, not even one of the most overpowered hacks out there was enough to grant this unlucky cheater a win.

An unfortunate symptom of its enduring popularity, "Apex Legends" has unfortunately attracted more than a few cheaters over the years. While Respawn Entertainment has come for the game's cheaters in the past and has taken measures to reduce their influence, some bad actors nevertheless persist, winning games through unfair means. However, one particular hacker's embarrassing mishap went viral after the player engaged in a shootout with an aimbot cheat and still somehow managed to lose the battle.

This player cheated...and still lost

In a thread on r/apexlegends subreddit, u/HammyA posted a gameplay video of them discovering a cheater in-game. In the video, the player and their squadmates are speedily wiped out by a single opponent. A replay of the encounter reveals that the attacker wasn't simply using one of the best "Apex Legends" weapons, but rather using an aimbot cheat to easily dole out damage. The cheater then attacked another team in the same fashion...and got summarily wiped out.

The video garnered over 1,400 upvotes, with many users making light of the fact that, even with cheats, the hacker couldn't achieve victory. "Imagine cheating and still getting clapped," u/Foreign-Yesterday575 commented. Others felt like the situation was more depressing than funny. "It's sad to cheat in general," u/NomiisKiir wrote. "Just showing how terrible you are and the only thing you can think of doing with your life is ruining other people's time."

This cheater's failure isn't the first time the "Apex Legends" community has rallied to make fun of hackers. Roughly two weeks prior, u/IMPeacefulGamer posted a similar video, in which they encountered a cheater using hacks to win in a Silver Rank match, one of the lowest tiers in the game's matchmaking system. Several commenters responded with criticism toward the hacker's ostensible desperation for victory. But while the community appears mostly united on rejecting these bad actors, only time will tell if Respawn Entertainment will take further measures to stamp out the game's hacking problems.