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The Callisto Protocol Encounter That's Practically Impossible

For some survival-horror fans, there was hope that "The Callisto Protocol" would answer players' prayers for a spiritual successor in the vein of "Dead Space." While the latter series had three mainline entries and a few spin-offs, it's been nearly a decade since fans got a proper new title in the franchise. Of course, this has made the back-to-back releases of both "The Callisto Protocol" and the "Dead Space" remake all the more exciting.

Alas, though, after facing pre-launch spoilers and a flood of negative Steam reviews, it would seem that responses to "The Callisto Protocol" are all over the place. While some have embraced the highly challenging combat and call-backs to the USG Ishimura, others have bounced off the spiritual successor from Striking Distance Studios altogether, leading to an increasingly divisive reception for the game. On that note, a few key sequences in "The Callisto Protocol" will likely try the patience of players, but one stands above (or below) the rest.

Toward the end of "The Callisto Protocol," players are tasked with utilizing a tram for travel to get protagonist Jacob Lee across a deadly expanse while fending off the mutated creatures that have threatened him since the first moments of his journey. Unfortunately, the design of the frantic trip leads to an experience that's more frustrating than fun.

The Platform Ride sequence is a total slog

With the small battle area of the tram and dozens of enemies coming at players from all sides, the platform ride toward the end of the game can feel like an impossible challenge. Unfortunately for many, the only viable way through the onslaught is memorizing where and when particular creatures will attack. For this reason, while relatively short, this part of "The Callisto Protocol" can easily be the most challenging part of the game, forcing gamers to replay it repeatedly until it's executed with near perfection.

As The Gamer noted, what really makes this section of the game so frustrating, is that it's unlike any other challenge presented to players. Though "The Callisto Protocol" players are likely to be pros with the methodical melee combat system by this point, the sheer number of enemies on the platform ride instead encourages players to quickly take down multiple foes with firearms or whatever can get the job done quick — "Doom" style. 

The result catches players off-guard in the wrong kind of way, making for an exhausting, repetitive trek that overstays its welcome. Nevertheless, while the game has seen its fair share of criticism since its release, many are still enjoying their time with "The Callisto Protocol." With that in mind, some may find that they need a little help with this daunting voyage — and they're not alone.