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Amouranth Scores Big With These Fan Gifts

Amouranth has had a few difficult months, and it seems like fans are standing by her through the storm. After revealing that she was actually married, but being extorted by her husband for her hard-earned cash, the streamer decided to refocus her career. Now, she's free and happier than ever, as she doesn't care what anyone thinks about her content. One fan took supporting her to an entirely new level while sending her quite a valuable care package.


Amouranth opened a package from a fan on stream, revealing $70k, a taser, an iPhone, and a letter. The letter included the number to two different bodyguards that the anonymous fan has ready to go in case she needs immediate help. The fan also included their number in the event that Amouranth needed help and had nowhere to go.

The letter additionally shared the reasoning behind the gift — the anonymous fan wanted to help Amouranth keep her resolve to continue streaming the way she wants to, regardless of any drops in money she earns or threats hanging over her. While she's out of the dangerous situation now and confirmed that she's monetarily stable (and thriving), the gift reflected Amouranth's reality just a few months ago.


While the package included the fans number, Amouranth suspected it might be part of a larger scheme.

Amouranth thinks it could be from a prankster

When Amouranth finished reading the letter, she was pleasantly surprised to not see anything creepy or far-fetched in it. Basically, it just said "here's your stuff, if you're in trouble I've got your back." It didn't include anything romantic or sexual at all, which Amouranth pointed out is generally the case.


While opening the package, Amouranth exclaimed that she thought she was being pranked. She likened it to some of the pranks that YouTubers like to pull, but it seems like her team has confirmed that it's a true gift.

Amouranth responded to criticism of the gift and her reaction to it online, explaining that her and her team had a lengthy discussion about what to do. While she seemed amazed on camera, she said it was a pretty nerve-wracking experience. As one Twitter user pointed out, it could be a federal crime to even send that much money in the mail, and there may be steps that she should take with the IRS – given Amouranth's money knowledge, she or someone on her team probably did get this checked out first.


Regardless, she thanked the fan on Twitter after making sure the gift was safe.