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Amouranth Doesn't Care What You Think About Her Twitch 'Rebrand'

The internet was worried for Amouranth after she revealed that she was in an abusive marriage where her husband was apparently holding her finances hostage. Thankfully, that situation resolved fairly quickly after it went viral and her partner relinquished her belongings (and pets) to her. She's finally "free" from her abusive husband, much to the relief of her fans, which means a new life where she's in control of herself. 

Her husband was allegedly responsible for planning out some of her streaming schedule, including the high number of hours spent on just hot tub streaming. Now that Amouranth chooses what she streams, that means a shift in her channel's priorities. Some netizens apparently thought there wasn't much of a change, so she too to her alternate Twitter account to set the record straight and share what she's really been up to since the recent shakeups. The streamer posted a pie chart of the content she's streamed over the past 30 days.

"Weird L take that my content hasn't changed," she tweeted along with the chart. "90 days ago I was doing 50%+ or more hot tub, now it's like sub 10%?"

All the hours in the pie chart total to 292 hours, plus the slivers of content that weren't significant enough to have their own hours designated. She spent about 22 hours on hot tub streams, which is about 7.5 percent of the 292 hours. She spent about 10 percent on "Overwatch 2," in comparison. "I played more Overwatch than I did hot tub. That's NEVER HAPPENED," she said.

However, enough of the content has shifted that some commenters have called it a "rebrand." It doesn't seem to have had negative consequences for Amouranth, though. And she may not even consider it a rebrand in the classic sense.

'Life is better,' Amouranth explains

Amouranth has made it clear that the shift in her content wasn't about making any sort of dramatic gesture or "rebrand," as some of her Twitter followers have insinuated. It was about finally streaming what she wanted, and there hasn't even been any drawbacks. "Not about rebrand, I literally don't care. I get to do what I want, and I still make 7 fig money a month," she said. "Life is better."

And sure enough, she's been doing whatever she wants on each platform. As Twitter followers know, her OnlyFans numbers are still going strong. But beyond that, she's also gone in for much more gaming content in recent weeks, dropping into some tense and hilarious "Overwatch 2" matches both on her own stream and with fellow streamers like Dafran.

Although Amouranth may not feel like some people have noticed how much she's switched up her content, it seems like a number of friends and followers have noticed an overall change in the streamer herself. Some have remarked that she appears to be in a much better emotional place in recent weeks. And ever since Amouranth posted the pie chart breaking down the different types of content she's been making, even more of her Twitter followers have joined the conversation.

Amouranth's fans debate the changes to her streaming schedule

This being the internet, of course, the comments section was filled with fans squabbling over the merits of Amouranth's more recent streams. Some commenters argued the hot tub streaming hours don't really matter, because longtime viewers still largely get what they want. In response to Amouranth's newer content, one person wrote, "I feel like [playing] just dance 2022, 2023, asmr, just chatting and hot tub streams are all doing the same thing but just in a different medium." However, other commenters disagreed with this stance, with one arguing that Amouranth is able to show her fans several different sides of herself and offer much more variety when it comes to her streams. 

Overall, Amouranth's newer streams seem to be primarily focused on allowing the streamer to do what she genuinely wants to do, all while finding a balance that works for her viewership. It also doesn't hurt that fans seem to really love her "Overwatch" sessions.

As fans know by now, there's much more to Amouranth's story – from her origins in cosplay to her rise to fame when the hot tub meta came to Twitch – and that story is continuing to unfold. She's just starting a new chapter, one that makes her feel good about her content and her relationship to her viewers. And through it all, she's approached these changes with a sense of humor. Just a few weeks ago, she said on stream, "I don't need to wear cleavage every day. I can wear clothes!"