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The Pokémon Scarlet And Violet EXP Hack Feels Way Too Easy

Traditionally speaking, leveling up a Pokémon is long and difficult work. However, one EXP boosting method in "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet" is so simple that it feels almost too easy. The creatures themselves are the core aspect of any "Pokémon" video game. The entire mythos of the media franchise is based around fledgling Pokémon trainers taking their tiny fighting companions who travel far and wide to battle with other Pokémon. Over time, these Pokémon become progressively stronger and more formidable against tougher opponents, eventually evolving into new, more powerful forms along the way.

This is typically a long and progressive process requiring constant player engagement. However, one "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet" player has recently discovered an EXP farming method within the games that makes this process much faster. In fact, it's so easy that it almost feels suspicious. Here's how to beef up your Pokémon with little effort.

Throwing your Pokemon into a pit is the key to a passive EXP boost

As discovered by YouTuber Dan Berr, there is a method to leveling up your Pokémon creatures that is so easy, it borders on passive. The specific method is called "Auto Battling Farming" in which the player summons one of their Pokémon in an enclosed space that is flooded with Pokémon. The method was more succinctly described by TikToker NerdyNinetails. The recommended way to go about Auto Battling Farming is by visiting the pit located just southwest of the Fighting Starfall base. Upon reaching the pit, you will find that it is occupied by a large herd of Golducks.

The next step is to jump into the pit, summon your lead Pokémon, then promptly leave the pit and remain on the edge of it. From there, your lead Pokémon will continue to battle the Golduck in the pit with little need for outside interference on your part. While this method is as close to passive as it can possibly be — NerdyNinetails even says you can do this while performing other real-life tasks — it will occasionally require input from the player to reset the Pokémon you've used to battle the herd of Golduck. According to Dan Berr, game lag can also get in the way of your Pokémon's progress, so be weary of that as well. 

Once your Pokémon has accrued the necessary amount of EXP for its next evolution, simply feed it a candy and reap the rewards.