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How To Get The Ultimatum Ending In The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me

The first season of "The Dark Pictures Anthology" wrapped with the release of "The Devil in Me." True to the rest of the series and Supermassive Games' horror offerings in general, the title boasts a wealth of difficult choices and branching paths to discover. While some fans will simply want to play through once, making their choices and letting the narrative stand, completionists will need to play through multiple times to see every possible way the story can unfold. For these players, and anyone who wants to discover just how dark the narrative can get for the film crew, it will be important to unlock the Ultimatum ending.


The Ultimatum ending functions as both the "bad ending" and the more difficult option to uncover as it requires making sure almost everything goes wrong and nearly every character gets killed along the way (per GameRiv). Given this, "The Devil in Me" players probably won't stumble upon the ending by chance and will need to plan ahead to make the right (or wrong) choices before the tale concludes.

Kill and save the right characters to get the bad ending

As TheGamer noted, seeing the Ultimatum ending requires getting to the end with only Kate and Mark alive. That means it's necessary to kill off the rest of the team while protecting these two to the end. Achieving this will require making the right choices at a few key points in the game. Specifically, players will need to kill Erin in the "Blackout" chapter, kill Charlie in the "Ignition" chapter, save both Kate and Jamie in the "Reflection" chapter, kill Jamie in the "Chase" chapter, and have Kate choose to save Mark in the "Reunion" chapter.


Completing all of these tasks will lead players into the finale with only Kate and Mark left alive and set the story up for Du'Met's victory. Knowing which characters need to live and die is only half the battle, however. It's also vital to make the correct decisions in the moment to ensure these outcomes occur.

The first three key moments

During the "Blackout" chapter, when confronted by the mystery man offering her inhaler, Erin must choose to attack the stranger and succeed in two consecutive QTEs. Yes, succeeding here gets a character killed. Successfully attacking twice will earn a fatal retaliation from the killer and bump off Erin.


Next, during "Ignition," Charlie will find himself trapped in a furnace. Simply doing nothing here will lead to Charlie's death but, to make things more cinematic and terrifying, players can have Charlie repeatedly try to push open the door. Either way, Charlie will be engulfed in flames and stricken from the roster (via TheGamer).

In "Reflection," players will need to switch things up and save some characters. While controlling Jaime, players will have a choice of whether to let a glass wall head towards her or push a button to reverse it and send it towards Kate. To save both characters, players must make sure the wall moves in the direction of whichever character ended up with a screwdriver based on an earlier choice in the game. Pushing the button (or not) to send the wall towards the character with the screwdriver will lead to the character using it to shatter the wall and save both.


The final decisions

According to TheGamer, players will be in the home stretch at this point with just two big moments left. During "Chase," Jaime and Kate will once again find themselves together and in danger. This time, however, one of them needs to go. When the time comes, players must have Kate run away rather than trying to save her friend. This will lead to Jaime's death and set players up for the big finale.


Finally, during "Reunion," players will need to have Kate try to help Mark at the lighthouse instead of investigating the door. This will end with Mark and Kate in a fatal position, leading to the Ultimatum ending. From here, players can just let the situation unfold and make a final choice (they'll need to play through Ultimatum twice to see both outcomes). Either way, Du'Met will win and players will be treated to a truly dark and grisly end for the story.