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Baldur's Gate 3 Collector's Edition - What's Included?

Larian Studios has been working on "Baldur's Gate 3" for a long time, and after years in Early Access, fans finally have a release date — kind of. According to a brand new trailer that premiered during The Game Awards 2022, "Baldur's Gate 3" will launch officially sometime in August 2023. The trailer gave a look at how the game will have evolved during its three-year Early Access period, and although an exact release date wasn't stated, fans also got a look at what's in the "Baldur's Gate 3" Collector's Edition. 


The collector's edition for "Baldur's Gate 3" has a veritable trove of limited edition items sure to appeal to diehard fans of both "Baldur's Gate" and the grander "Dungeons and Dragons" franchise. There's the standard stuff, like an artbook, stickers, and a map, as well as much more specific and unique items, like a statue, character sheets and a die, cards, and a one-of-a-kind certificate. All of these goodies don't come cheap, though, as pre-orders for the "Baldur's Gate 3" collector's edition will set fans back about $270.

What Does the Baldur's Gate 3 collector's edition Include?

At a price of $269, "Baldur's Gate 3" collector's edition contains 10 total items, mostly related to "Dungeons and Dragons" and the "Baldur's Gate" world as well as a download code for the game, a certificate of authenticity, and the highly-detailed box it comes in. It also includes a Forgotten Realms artbook, stickers, a metal mind tadpole keyring, a silk map of Faerûn, a statue of one of the game's iconic mind flayers fighting a drow, a giant D20 die, and even "Dungeons and Dragons" character sheets. According to the game's official website, the collector's edition will include: 

  • "Baldur's Gate 3" PC download code – for use on Steam
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Collector's Edition box — complete with mind flayer artwork
  • Art Book — hardcover, 160 pages of art from the game and The Forgotten Realms
  • Tadpole Keyring — depicting a mind flayer's brain tadpole in zinc alloy
  • Map of Faerûn – silk satin material
  • Diorama Statuette — 25cm tall, depicting a mind flayer fighting a drow
  • Giant D20 – an "oversized" zinc alloy die with "Baldur's Gate" engravings
  • Dungeons and Dragons character sheets — based on "Baldur's Gate" characters
  • Three "Magic the Gathering" booster packs — from the Battle for Baldur's Gate set (limited quantity)

One of the items is particularly limited — only the first 15,000 "Baldur's Gate 3" collector's edition pre-orders will contain the three "Baldur's Gate" themed booster packs for "Magic: The Gathering." The collector's edition is still well worth it for the rest of its unique rewards, but fans of the card game might feel more incentive to get in early.