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Where To Find Every Exotic And Mythic Item In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

With "Chapter 3" officially being in the books, Chapter 4, Season 1 of "Fortnite" is well underway, and Epic Games has inserted plenty of new content in order to keep its dedicated (or addicted) fanbase busy. Included in this content are brand-new and returning Exotic and Mythic items.


If players are seasoned "Fortnite" gamers, then they'll know that Exotic and Mythic loot make up the most effective and valuable items in the game. These rare items serve as not just collectibles that players seek out in between battling one another, but they can also give players and their teams a massive advantage if they are obtained. But finding the Exotic and Mythic loot isn't as simple as locating more traditional weaponry and items in containers and around locales.

In total, there are seven different Exotic and Mythic items "Fortnite" players will have access to in Chapter 4, Season 1 — here's where and how gamers can get them all.

Where to find the Exotic Weapons

According to Billy Givens of GameSpot, there are a total of 4 Exotic weapons to find in Chapter 4, Season 1. They are all scattered across the map and most have to be purchased with gold bars from NPCs. It is important to note that Givens did say they found at least one Exotic item in a Holo-Chest, so keep that in mind.

  • The Dub (Exotic) – A shotgun that can be purchased from Surrr Burger inside a building north of Anvil Square lake for 600 gold bars.
  • The Unstable Bow (Exotic) – A bow with an unstable "glitch" effect. It can be purchased from Wild Card for 500 gold bars at the Shattered Slabs.
  • Shadow Tracker (Exotic) – A red pistol with a large silencer attached. Find Evie in the big blue house west of Frenzy Fields to purchase the Shadow Tracker. It costs 450 gold bars.
  • Grappler Bow (Exotic) – A powerful bow that uses a tracking system to defeat enemies. To get the Grappler Bow, find Princess Felicity Fish who will be on top of a tower northwest of The Citadel. The Grappler Bow will cost you 500 gold bars.

Further Exotic items can also be found

"Chapter 4 – Season 1" doesn't only boast Exotic and Mythic weapons that will aid you on the battlefield. There are also two Exotic items that can be used to your benefit as well. These items include the Chug Cannon and the Chili Chug Splash. The Chug Cannon effectively acts similar to the Bandage Bazooka and will provide healing to anyone it's fired at. The Chili Chug Splash is a consumable that provides +20 HP whenever it's deployed.


As noted by GameSpot, the Chug Cannon can be purchased from Sunflower for 600 gold bars. Sunflower can be found inside a large blue house west of Frenzy Fields. The Chili Chug Blast is the cheapest of all Exotic items or weapons and will only cost you 250 gold bars to buy. It can be purchased from Frozen Fishstick who can be find roaming around a small cabin west of Brutal Bastion.

How to earn the Mythic weapon

The crown jewel of all of these valuable new items in "Fortnite" is the sole Mythic weapon they contain, namely the Ageless Champion's Ex-Caliber Rifle. However, unlike the aforementioned that Exotics that can be found across the map and purchased for a fee, the Mythic Ex-Caliber Rifle can only be obtained by fighting a powerful NPC named the Ageless Champion. This fight won't be easy, so it's best to be prepared ahead of time.


According to Metro, you can find the Ageless Champion in The Citadel, though his specific location in the castle will vary game to game. The Ageless Champion boasts 750 health and 750 shields, so he will be a bit of a bullet sponge. However, if you maintain your distance and avoid both the exploding swords contained within the Ex-Caliber Rifle and the boom from his Shockwave Hammer, you should be fine.

Once you've defeated the Ageless Champion, you will be granted his unique Ex-Caliber Rifle which fires swords instead of bullets. These swords let off a powerful, 150-DPS blast after a minute of hitting a target and will be wildly effective against both solo opponents and crowds.