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Where You Can Find All Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 NPCs

One of the things that helps keep "Fortnite" relevant year after year is the way Epic continually expands it. Each season brings new characters, weapons, skins, and maps for players to interact with, keeping the game fresh. In addition, new chapters change things up even more, altering the game itself. Now that Chapter 3's funeral has ended, "Fortnite" has just launched Chapter 4, Season 1, bringing all kinds of content for players to enjoy. This latest chapter in the saga brings a whole new realm with new modes of transportation to explore, new tasks for players to complete, new weapons for them to play with, and new NPCs for them to talk to.


Chatting with all the NPCs is one of the best ways for players to learn about the strange island. Some sell weapons and items, some can be hired to join players in combat, and others perform unique services that can't be found anywhere else in the game. There will be some familiar faces for those who have played past chapters of "Fortnite," as many of these characters are based on outfits that first became available in previous seasons, but there are also a few fresh ones as well. There are currently 16 different characters scattered across the island. Here's where to find them and what they do.

Southern NPCs

The southern region of the map is the smallest, so it makes sense that it also has the lowest number of NPCs. There are only three of them, and they are mainly spread across the green area to the west of the big river.

  • Evie is located in a robin blue house situated on the southwest corner of the map. This is in the green region just below the Shattered Slabs. Players can purchase the Shadow Tracker Exotic handgun from her or pay her to activate the rift.
  • Joni the Red can be found on the far southern portion of the map, near the house with the barn and stable just above the southern beach. Joni is one of the characters that can be recruited to join the player's party. Otherwise, players can also purchase the Epic Red-Eye Assault Rifle from her.
  • Sunflower is next to the tiny pond in the northern portion of the Frenzy Fields. She will be walking around the farms near the two rows of trees. She sells the Impulse Grenade and the Exotic Chug Cannon.

Western NPCs

The western region is the biggest and is, therefore, the region with the most NPCs. There are four regular NPCs and one hostile boss NPC for players to fight.

  • Princess Felicity Fish can be found on the far western side of the map. She is just southwest of The Citadel and north of the river that flows into the sea. Players will find a tower with Princess Felicity Fish at its peak here. There's an Exotic Grappler Bow available from her, or they can use her to give a tip to the bus driver.
  • Raptorian the Brave is just southwest of the center of the entire island. He can be found south of Anvil Square and northeast of Shattered Slabs. Players can recruit Raptorion to their team or buy the Legendary Primal Flame Bow from him.
  • Surr Burger is easy to find as he minds the shop on the eastern side of Anvil Square. He sells an Exotic shotgun called The Dub, but he can also activate a Prop Disguise for the player.
  • Wilde Card likes to roam around in the northwestern area of Breakwater Bay. He sells the Exotic Unstable Bow or the Epic Ex-caliber Rifle.
  • The Ageless Champion is the hostile boss NPC. He can be found in The Citadel. This is the giant fortress surrounded by water on the northwestern portion of the map (per RadioTimes). He's no pushover, though, so players will want to make sure they stock up on gear before fighting him.

Eastern NPCs

The eastern region isn't as big as the western one, but the NPCs are just as spread across the area. There are four in total.

  • Omega Knight is an NPC that many players will want to find. He is right between where the river forks on the eastern side of the map – just southeast of Slappy Shores. Here, players will find a lone tower standing next to a farmhouse. Omega Knight will be patrolling the area around this tower. He sells the Porta-A-Bunker, and the Epic Shockwave Hammer featured in much of the advertising for Chapter 4, Season 1.
  • Neymar Jr. is located on the far eastern side of the map. He is on a soccer field in the northeastern corner of Slappy Shores. This is the town that has the river flowing through it, just to the south of the frozen border. Neymar sells Slap Juice, but he will also heal any injured players.
  • Helsie is in the grove of trees just to the northwest of Faulty Splits. She sells the Epic Thunder Shotgun, or she can be hired to join the player's party.
  • Scrapknight Jules is also in Faulty Springs. Players can find her roaming around the farmhouse just south of the main town. She sells the Legendary Rocket Launcher or a Launch Pad.

Northern NPCs

The northern region is distinguished by the snow and ice that cover it. This is a large area, and the four NPCs that reside here can be a little trickier to find since there aren't as many distinctive landmarks.

  • Aura is located on the island's northernmost point in an area called Crude Harbor. She can be found roaming around the buildings in this region. She can be hired to join the player's party, or they can purchase the Chug Splash from her.
  • Frozen Fishstick can be found in the cabin that is just north of the lake with the three islands in it that are to the west of the Brutal Bastion. He sells the Exotic Chili Chug Splash and the Rare Shield Keg
  • Frozen Red Knight is located in the Brutal Bastion, just east of where players would have met Frozen Fishstick. They are located in the courtyard near the back of the fortress. They are available to be recruited, or they sell Firefly Jars.
  • Snowheart is underneath the massive ice wall that is northwest of Brutal Bastion. Her Storm Forecast allows her to reveal a future storm circle. Otherwise, she also sells the Epic Primal Stink Box.