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Destiny Is Getting Slammed Over These Comments

There's no small number of Twitch streamers who are actually terrible people, and Destiny, real name Steven Kenneth Bonnell II, has once again shown that he's earned a place on the streaming platform's hall of shame. 

Destiny is no stranger to receiving Twitch bans and sparking online controversy, but unsavory comments he made regarding an equally unsavory clip from content creator iShowSpeed have landed Destiny in some hot water. In watching iShowSpeed's clip, Destiny said, "Is this the Kai Cenat guy? Oh, this is the Speed guy. Ok. There's like this whole new legion of Black zoomer streamers, and for as much as they talk about how all white people did was scream at the camera, I feel like that's all these guys do. I don't know if they have more content, but holy sh*t." Needless to say, these comments haven't gone over well with Kai Cenat himself or with fans. 

Kai Cenat calls Destiny out for racist comments

Kai Cenat, recent recipient of the Streamer of the Year award at 2022's Streamy awards (via Ginx.Tv), responded to Destiny's words in a stream of his own. Cenat first addresses Destiny's comment of, "I don't know if they have more content," by claiming that Destiny is unjustly hating creators. "How about you do your f***ing research, bi**h? [...] I don't know who the f*** you are, I don't know what you do, but do your f***ing research before you say sh*t. And clearly you are a racist." Cenat has several fans on Twitter rallying behind him as well. User GoobyTheSlime backed up Cenat's call for Destiny to do research by saying, "Kai Cenat is a great streamer[,] and deserves all the success he has gotten. Maybe if [Destiny] listened to Kai he'd know that."

Several other Twitter users have echoed Cenat's claim of Destiny's racist behavior, but, after seeing Cenat's reaction video, Destiny has only charged ahead. Responding to Cenat's reaction, Destiny has said, "I also love how f***ing self-absorbed he is. Although I guess if you're twenty-years-old and you blow up on the internet you're going to turn into, like, a little spoiled piece of sh*t. Like, I mean it makes sense. I understand it." This, of course, has only spurned viewers even further against Destiny. One YouTube comment reads, "All I'm getting[,] is Destiny has nothing to talk about so he goes for black streamers to pay his bills." It's unclear how things will proceed from here, but even popular streamer xQc has weighed in and called Destiny out for his "generalizing."