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What Happens If You Kill 5-Torg In High On Life?

"High on Life" features a few sections where players can make choices to decide other characters' fates. One of these involves the crime boss 5-Torg, and it comes pretty early in the game. Players will have the choice to either kill the criminal on the spot or spare her. But how does it affect the highly divisive game if players choose to eliminate 5-Torg early on?


Right after players finish the "High on Life" tutorial, they'll have to battle against an alien crime lord and bounty target, 9-Torg. After defeating her, players will encounter 5-Torg, a rival crime boss. Unfortunately, when players meet her, 5-Torg is in a bit of a rough spot, as she is seen tied up and hanging from the ceiling. At this point, players can elect to either leave her be and go about their business or execute her.

While the ethical dilemma surrounding the murder of a trapped and helpless violent criminal is a philosophical question that might take some consideration, there are some definitive answers about how killing 5-Torg affects the rest of the game.

Killing 5-Torg only adds minor dialogue

Technically speaking, 5-Torg is considered to be a "secret boss." However, killing her seems to have no noticeable effect on the story or how it progresses. According to Marloes Valentina Stella of GamesRadar, nothing outside of a few extra lines of dialogue seemed to come as a result of killing 5-Torg. Adam Newell of Dot Esports also reported the same, noting that non-pertinent choices are a recurring theme in "High on Life." "Like most 'choices' in 'High on Life,' a lot of them don't do anything," Newell said.


From the looks of it, the only discernible difference between killing 5-Torg and not seems to be some extra dialogue from your Gatlien. "What you'll discover during all this extra dialogue is that 5 Torg promises to make you an honorary Torg and mentions that she intends to become the new crime lord now that 9 Torg is dead," Stella said in her piece for GamesRadar. "She also says that 3 Torg will take over if she dies, adding that he's 'worse than her.'"

In short, if players happen to come across 5-Torg, they can feel free to do whatever they want, as choices don't seem to have much consequence — at least in this situation.