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High On Life Release Date, Trailer And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

"Rick & Morty" co-creator Justin Roiland is back at it again with his latest video game title, "High On Life." Developed by Roiland's studio, Squanch Games, the title will feature the off-the-cuff and absurdist comedy gamers grew to love back in 2016 when Squanch Games released its first game, "Accounting+." The studio's next major follow-up, "Trover Saves the Universe," received positive marks upon release, and now fans are excited to see what "High On Life" has in store.

Of course, what actually sets a Squanch Games title apart is the story, characters, and comedy. According to Squanch Games, the story of "High On Life" sees the player character teaming up with a team of quirky talking guns to save humanity from an alien cartel that gets high off of human beings.

Footage of the game released during Gamescom 2022 reveals "High On Life" to be Squanch Games' most ambitious title yet. Between the unique character interactions, interesting gameplay mechanics, and bonkers humor, this game is giving players a lot to look forward to. Here's what we know about it so far.

Is there a trailer for High On Life?

The 10-minute long Gamescom trailer shows off the game's polished first-person shooter gameplay, as well as some of its story and other features. Opening in a living room filled with Roiland-style alien characters, the player and their talking gun are given a mission to complete. As the mission unfolds, the player traverses a detailed game world, gets into a few interesting shootouts, and meets a large assortment of hilarious characters.

One interaction particularly of note is with an alien child who bullies the player, blocking off a path. Eventually the player is forced to kill the alien in a darkly funny moment. Afterward, the player and talking gun go on to retrieve a talking knife. This knife, aptly named "Knifey," appears to be yet another colorful character that will likely accompany the player throughout the game. 

The gameplay trailer ends with the player coming face-to-face with a rapid-firing boss. What stood out the most during the trailer, however, was the comedic tone and impressive voice acting from what seems to be a stellar cast.

What's the Gameplay Like?

Showcased during the footage is polished first-person shooter gameplay, special weapon abilities, and unique movement mechanics, among a handful of additional features. For instance, "Knifey" doubles as a grappling hook, helping the player character reach new, undiscovered areas. The player's talking gun fires a unique type of shot that sends enemies flying into the air, offering new avenues for combat and traversal.

In addition to these features, one unique gameplay aspect really stands out: In a detail somewhat reminiscent of Mimir in 2018's "God of War," the player character's weapons actually talk to the player throughout the game. And not only does the talking gun help the player shoot their way out of tough situations, it also helps the player talk their way into certain rooms and out of confrontations.

According to Squanch Games, other talking guns will be introduced throughout the game, giving the game's writers the chance to keep players constantly entertained with a diverse cast of incredibly absurd characters. These talking weapons also open up a series of RPG-style dialogue choices, although it appears these interactions may have less to do with offering alternative story paths and more to do with making jokes (which most players will likely be more than fine with). 

When You Can Grab Your Copy

On Aug. 18, Squanch Games announced via Twitter that "High On Life" had been delayed from its original October launch. The game's new release date is Dec. 13, 2022. The developer said the delay will allow the team to make the game the best it can be. This is probably a good move on Squanch Games' part; from the sounds of it, the game will be in high demand. 

For example, Digital Trends writer Giovanni Colantonio described the Gamescom footage as "the worst trailer" he had ever seen, but said he is now dying to buy a copy come December. According to Colantonio, once he had a chance to actually play the game, everything changed. "While some of the concerns I had with the game were still present, I'm feeling much more optimistic about Squanch Games' upcoming comedy shooter," Colantonio wrote.

You can make up your mind about this offbeat title when it arrives for PC and Xbox in December. Sorry, no word on a PlayStation 4 or PS5 release.