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High On Life: How To Watch Tammy And The T-Rex

The humor in "High on Life" has divided some critics, but fans of "Rick and Morty" co-creator and Squanch Games founder Justin Roiland's work know that he has a tendency to combine the irreverent with the ridiculous, and a lot of that unique humor comes to light in "High on Life." The game hinges on the concept that aliens have begun selling humans to be consumed as drugs and that the protagonist and their trusty sentient pistol have to stop them. Just as you might expect in a world this chaotic, there are a lot of detours and interesting NPCs to engage with along the way.

One of the stranger things that the title allows players to do is sit down on their living room couch and watch the entire 1994 film "Tammy and the T-Rex" featuring Paul Walker and Denise Richards. Those who enjoy the absurdist comedy in the game will likely also love this bizarre film in which a mad scientist transplants the brain from a woman's dying boyfriend into an animatronic tyrannosaurus rex so that he can seek revenge on the bullies who tormented him and return to the woman he loves. Here's how to watch it in "High on Life."

Gene watches Tammy and the T-Rex on TV

Players meet a three-eyed alien named Gene early on in "High on Life." It's clear from the start that this guy is a bit of a mooch and he eventually ends up crashing on the protagonist's couch. Gene doesn't do much — he mostly just likes to sit on the sofa and watch TV. Players who return home during the quest "Lizzie Returns" will have the option to take a seat next to Gene and watch "Human TV" with him. The host of the show, Humandor the Human, will introduce "Tammy and the T-Rex" as "one of the most famous movies of all time on Earth." The film will then start playing

All the player has to do at that point is keep themselves parked in front of the TV and watch the movie with Gene. The player's alien companion will also occasionally offer commentary on the film, giving it a vibe similar to "Mystery Science Theater." Of course, players who wish to do this will have to watch the whole thing from the perspective of a 'movie-on-a-TV-inside-a-game,' which many might not consider the ideal viewing experience.