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High On Life: How To Beat Skrendel Bros

Squanch Games' first-person shooter, "High on Life," has its fair share of unique enemies and equipment voiced by hilarious celebrities. However, critics agree that the comedy in "High on Life" is not for everyone. But fans of Justin Roiland have likely already picked up this game and are busy playing through it for the first time.

Despite most of the fun of "High on Life" coming from quick quips and cheeky jokes, gamers will still need to overcome many fearsome foes to beat the game. This can be especially challenging for gamers playing on the hardest of the three difficulties.

One of these fearsome foes that are particularly hard to beat is the Skrendel Bros. Players can embark on the Skrendel Bros mission via the Bounty Board, with this particular bounty being unlocked by naturally playing through the game's story (per The Loadout). Once players accept the bounty, they must go through the portal and follow a linear path to reach the boss, but defeating the boss is no easy task. Thankfully, however, there are some tips to make it easier. Here's how to beat the Skrendel Bros in "High on Life."

Jump, dodge, and use the Creature weapon

Players face Jonathan, Angela, and Mona separately during the bounty mission. Upon defeat, each brother retreats for an ambush later. And at the end of the level, the brothers combine into the final boss Bro-Tron.

At the start of the fight, the boss will jump and explode on the ground creating green goo shockwaves that players must jump over. This attack will get repeated, so players should stay back when the brothers go up into the air to give them more time to jump over the rungs. During the first phase, players should focus on dodging attacks and pelting the boss with Kenny until they are damaged enough to split.

Once the second phase starts and the brothers split, players should take the opportunity to run around the room and grab one of the four shields on the ground to top the player off. Then players should focus on taking out one target at a time to make the fight more manageable. But because the brothers will be zooming around the room at high speeds, players might want to use the Creature weapon to guarantee their shots hit.

Once one is down, the remaining two brothers will pair up and run around the room. There are no new attacks during this phase, so players can employ the same techniques as before. Finally, once the second member is defeated, the fight is a breeze with just one brother to take care of.