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GTA Online: How To Get The Service Carbine

In the massively successful "Grand Theft Auto Online," you will have tons of powerful weaponry to arm yourself with en route to becoming one of Los Santos' most feared crime lords. A newer weapon, the Service Carbine, might be one of the better options in the game. Based off of the real-life M16, the Service Carbine is a very effective weapon with a decent rate of fire and good stopping power. According to data compiled by YouTuber GhillieMaster, the Service Carbine is among the better assault rifles in the game when it comes to the damage it deals. If you're aiming for the body, the Service Carbine is capable of taking down enemies with 10 shots, rivaled only by the Military Rifle and the Assault Rifle Mk 2, which can both dispatch enemies with nine shots each.

If adding the Service Carbine to your arsenal in "Grand Theft Auto Online" is on the agenda, then there's good news — there are two ways to acquire it. One of these methods is completely free and involves scouring the map looking for materials. The other method allows you to buy it outright should you not be so patient.

You can build the Service Carbine or buy it from Ammu-Nation

If you wish to acquire the Service Carbine for free in "Grand Theft Auto Online," you're gonna have to build it yourself. This is accomplished by visiting one of the 10 crime scenes that are spread throughout San Andreas. In total, you will need to collect five pieces of the rifle to successfully assemble it — the barrel, magazine, receiver, sights, and scope. The specific crime scenes where these parts can be located are seemingly randomized. However, you'll know where to find one as the blip for the crime scene will turn blue if there is a rifle piece to be found there.

If running around Los Santos and its surrounding areas doesn't sound appealing to you and you have some money to blow, you can also buy the Service Carbine at an Ammu-Nation store (via GTA Base). The store also provides several customization options and attachments. If you choose to go this route, be warned — the gun is pricey.

The Service Carbine typically goes for $370,000 should you want to purchase it. However, buying it directly from Ammu-Nation bypasses the need to travel around the whole map hoping for one of the Crime Scenes to have the parts you need. Plus, if you've been playing "Grand Theft Auto Online" for a while now, this cost might not be as steep as it is for newer or casual players.