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Can You Save Eugene In Choo-Choo Charles?

"Choo-Choo Charles" gives monster hunters and fans of survival horror a whole new kind of villain to fear. The titular monster is a train-spider hybrid of terrifying proportions and evil intent. Throughout a playthrough, Charles will chase the protagonist across an island, looking for blood and horrifying the locals. Perhaps the most terrible thing Charles does over the course of the game, however, is kill the kind and helpful Eugene.

The friendly old man is an early ally of the player, even giving them the train that they'll use in their adventure. As is appropriate for a horror title, however, Eugene doesn't survive long. He falls victim to Charles when he and the player first encounter the monstrous train, leaving the player to avenge his death.

While Eugene's untimely demise appears inevitable, some have questioned whether it can be avoided. In the comments on some gameplay videos, fans have already noted that a screenshot on the game's Steam page appears to show Eugene alive and well towards the climax of the game which suggests it might be possible to save him. Given his kind nature, many players have hoped and searched for a way to save Eugene but the viability of this endeavor remains a mystery.

Hope for Eugene is unclear

There's certainly no shortage of people looking for a way to save Eugene in "Choo-Choo Charles." Nerd Stash and Gamer Journalist have both investigated the mystery, but they came up with no definitive answer nor an official statement from developer Two Star Games. At least one player, however, has used less official means to prevent Eugene's grisly fate.

YouTuber HorrorScoped has found a way to keep Eugene alive through to the finale and Charles' defeat but this required lots of glitching and hard work to achieve. In short, it took clipping through areas of the game, leading Charles off the map for an extended period of time, and essentially beating the whole game without technically finishing the tutorial. Still, by the end, Eugene was still up and kicking. This technically qualifies as saving Eugene, but if saving him is indeed possible, it's certainly not the way the developer intended.

Anyone who wants to have Eugene by their side at any cost when they defeat Charles can try the complicated path HorrorScoped took. For those looking for a secret, legitimate way to save him, it appears the community will have to keep searching a bit longer.