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Everything We Learned From The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Mode Leaks

The debut of ranked multiplayer in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" is right around the corner. And thanks to a leak, we may finally known how Activision and Infinity Ward plan to approach it this go-around.


To this point, ranked play has been completely absent from "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2." And while Infinity Ward has done a decent job of keeping the "Call of Duty" fandom occupied by adding new multiplayer modes and launching the highly anticipated "Warzone 2.0," the lack of a true competitive mode is an issue that is sure to be felt at some point. However, that all may be changing soon.

According to a now-DMCA'd datamine leak from Twitter user @codsploitz – which Insider Gaming later picked up — ranked play in "Modern Warfare 2" will soon be released and will be adding a few new touches to the way the ranked community plays the game. In particular, there will be a new ranking system that promises to make sure everyone is playing at the appropriate level against the appropriate opponents.


A new ranking system

According to Insider Gaming's report of the leak, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" will have a fresh ranking system. Ranking up will be based on how much "SR" a player accrues. "SR" will reportedly "be calculated by personal performance, the margin of victory, and win/loss," insinuating that dominant wins will see your "SR" level skyrocket. In contrast, tight and close wins will increase this level marginally. Players will also be acutely aware of who is performing extremely well. As stated in the leak, any ranked player who wins three consecutive games will be on a "Hot Streak." This achievement will be marked by a player's emblem shown as being on fire when entering a new match.


Players' ranks will also be permanent — once a player enters one of seven "Skill Divisions," there is no way for them to drop in rank on their own accord. The only way to move down the Skill Division ladder is to wait until the end of each season. At that point, every player will automatically be dropped one division from where they finished. 

4-v-4 play and unrestricted attachments

Also listed in the leak is the fact that, like in previous games, every ranked mode in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" will be 4-v-4, ensuring tight games and quick play. This will be regardless of game mode or map. Players will also be forced to adhere to any existing rule there is for the "Call of Duty League," ensuring everyone is on equal footing. In true ranked fashion, things such as friendly fire will be enabled. Penalties will be given to anyone found guilty of excessive friendly fire or other infractions such as inactivity or a shady disconnection from the game.


Speaking of attachments, players will have access to a wide selection of weapon attachments despite a player's class or weapon. However, other attachments will be completely prohibited. In line with past iterations of ranked "Call of Duty," you can expect attachments such as the grenade launcher to be nixed during ranked play.

All in all, ranked play in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" won't be all too different than its previous iterations in past titles. However, in some regards, it's shaping up to be the most inventive and fresh version of it yet.