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The Freak Accident TheDannyHammer Suffered While Playing Call Of Duty

Players know that gaming sessions can get intense sometimes. This is especially true when it comes to competitive titles like "Call of Duty." Lots of shouting, laughing, cheering, and crying unfolds. Occasionally, a controller may break in all the excitement. Despite this, most people likely don't expect gaming to lead to a physical injury. Streamer TheDannyHammer experienced the potential perils of getting caught up in a match, however.

This week, Jake Lucky of Full Squad Gaming shared a clip on Twitter of poor Danny playing "Call of Duty" on stream. As the match came to an end, Danny, trying to coordinate with a teammate, grew more and more agitated as he sensed victory within reach. When the opposing team managed to pull off the win, Danny suffered more than a digital defeat. Overcome with emotion, Danny leapt up, yelling and striking some dramatic poses. While an amusing display, it unfortunately ended in disaster as Danny suddenly collapsed to the ground, moaning in pain. Exclaiming that his leg was broken, Danny lay on the floor for several more seconds before finally ending the stream.

Though difficult to watch without feeling Danny's pain, the injury was thankfully not quite as severe as he seemed to initially think.

TheDannyHammer is recovering from a dislocated knee

Jake Lucky was quick to follow up with Danny and learned that he had suffered a dislocated knee rather than a break. Further, Danny is now on the mend and is expected to make a "full recovery." Danny, for his part, seems to be rolling with the punches and acting as good sport about the whole thing. He has retweeted news about his injury on his Twitter account and he's smiling in the picture Jake Lucky shared of him in his new knee brace. Ultimately, it seems Danny may suffer greater damage to his pride than anything else.

Danny is currently serving in the Navy and stationed in Okinawa. Some Twitter users speculated that he'd receive some friendly mockery from his peers and, sure enough, Jake Lucky confirmed that this has proven the case. Despite some jokes, it looks like Danny will come away from the situation mostly unscathed and it may even help build his streaming audience. The fiasco should, however, serve as a cautionary tale for other gamers out there. Be sure to stretch and exercise caution when physically expressing joy or rage after a match.