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Warzone 2.0: The Best One-Shot Sniper Rifle Loadout You Can Build

There are lots of different ways to play "Warzone 2.0." Some may adopt a run-and-gun approach, moving through the map quickly and engaging enemies at close range with a weapon like the Chimera. Others prefer a more methodical strategy, progressing carefully and engaging enemies at longer ranges with an assault rifle. Some, however, would rather play the role of an elite sniper, lying in wait and taking out opponents from afar. These players seek to follow the motto of "one shot, one kill."

Actually achieving this goal is harder than it may seem. While sniper rifles are quite powerful in "Warzone," they're not always guaranteed to down an enemy in one shot. If that enemy is wearing armor or if the shot doesn't hit them in the head, the target may be able to limp away to heal. This limitation of sniper rifles has sparked plenty of debate in the community with many fans calling for sniper rifles to be buffed. Unless and until that happens, however, being a one-shot sniper will require careful planning.

Anyone who wants to play "Warzone 2.0" as a sniper will want to select the right weapon and build a loadout around making it as powerful and effective as possible. It's not easy but, with the right setup, being a one-shot sniper is possible.

Weapon and Attachments

The first step to building the best loadout is selecting the right weapon and attachments. For their firearm, a "Warzone 2.0" operator should go with the Victus XMR. Arguably the best sniper rifle in the game, the Victus XMR boasts incredible accuracy and power — just what one wants for this build. Further, as Upcomer noted, this is currently the only rifle that can take down even a fully armored opponent in a single shot with the right build. 

Even this rifle won't be enough without the proper loadout, however. A would-be sniper still needs the right attachments. From The Loadout to One Esports to EarlyGame, everyone agreed that the Victus XMR needs 50. Cal Explosive ammo, a Mack 8 33.5 barrel, and an XRK Rise stock. The ammo and barrel both increase bullet velocity and extend damage range, making it viable to down even heavily armored foes from extreme distances. Meanwhile, the stock increases ADS speed, ensuring that an operator can start lining up a shot as quickly as possible.

Next, Upcomer and EarlyGame recommended a VLK LZR 7MW laser. This will further increase ADS and also improve aiming stability, making it easier to line up the perfect headshot. Finally, players should listen to One Esports and The Loadout and add an SP-X 80 6.6 scope. This scope boasts both 6.6x and 11x magnification options, providing some versatility for aiming across different ranges.


With the gun and attachments set, an operator will have a weapon capable of one-shotting even the toughest enemy. Now, it's necessary to select a perk package to go with it. Here, "Warzone 2.0" players have two equally valid options to choose from.

Those that want some flexibility with their build should follow the advice of The Loadout and choose the Weapons Specialist package to get the Overkill base perk which allows the player to add a second primary weapon to their loadout. This means that they can take a gun designed for closer range battles, like an SMG, to ensure that they won't be completely defenseless if any enemy rushes them and gets in close.

Some players may prefer to commit to the sniper-style and live out the fantasy of taking out foes from afar without ever being seen. For these players, the only choice is the Specter package (per EarlyGame). This comes with the Tracker base perk, allowing an operator to see the tracks of enemies and making it possible to stalk foes. Further, it provides the Ghost ultimate perk which will keep the player hidden from UAVS and heartbeat detectors.


To complete their loadout, players will need to choose equipment to bring along. Here, they should favor the Claymore for lethal equipment and Spotter Scope for tactical equipment (per Eurogamer).

The Claymore is an excellent choice for a sniper that will spend most of their time looking downrange through their scope. A well placed Claymore will protect them from any enemies that try to sneak up behind them while they focus elsewhere. Simply find a room with a window to aim through and a single entrance. Then drop the Claymore to cover that entry to complete your sniper nest. As for the Spotter Scope, its range finding and ability to mark enemies is perfect for preparing shots and just fits thematically for this build.

Put together, this loadout will allow for playing as the ultimate one-shot sniper in "Warzone 2.0." With enough skill and patience, an operator will take out foes without them ever knowing what hit them.