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Warzone 2.0: Where To Find Building 21 Access Cards

The DMZ mode in "Call of Duty" has shaken up "Warzone 2.0" significantly. Not only do players need to gun down enemies to win, but they also need to focus on scavenging, as all gear is lost upon death. But not all loot is created equal. Customized weapons and better armor can be found in the DMZ, but there are few sure-shots for quick ways to gear up. For example, a random storage container could net players some seriously rare weapons or just plain junk. However, a specific map in DMZ offers better odds at big rewards — at the price of going up against stronger enemies.


Currently, one additional deployment is available for DMZ players, a hyper-dangerous, loot-filled map called Building 21. The new area was added in Season 1 Reloaded, a sizable office building packed with high-level loot for players. Unfortunately, it's only available during specific timeframes, as it is not reachable through typical Al Mazrah deployment. Additionally, players will need a keycard to deploy in Building 21 altogether. Here's how to find a Building 21 Keycard and enter the new map.

Orange chests and Supply Drops

To enter Building 21, players must find an access card somewhere in Al Mazrah and make it out alive. Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to get a Building 21 access card, as the item can randomly drop from various sources.


The first and most accessible way to find a Building 21 access card is to look in high-value chests. These chests are hard to miss, considering they are colored bright orange. Players can readily find these chests in Strongholds and on the moving train.

Players can also look to the sky for Building 21 access cards. Specifically, from a Commander's Helicopter or any other airborne crate reward, like Supply Drops or whatever players take down after acquiring a SAM site. However, this method can be tricky, as Drop locations are plastered on the minimap for all to see — meaning there could be a swarm of other players gunning for the loot. Despite the risk, it may be worth trying, as YouTuber LegoUnlocked has argued that endgame Supply Drops have a high chance of rewarding access cards.


There's also a chance players will come across access cards after eliminating an HVT during a contract, though, with the possibility of any key dropping, odds aren't in players' favor. All this said, Building 21 map is only accessible for limited periods, so players should keep their eye out to ensure they're ready when it's available again.