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What's The Secret Dish In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

Gyms work a little differently in "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet" than in most of the other games in the series. Instead of battling their way through a collection of trainers that study under the gym leader to reach them, players must complete a challenge set by the leader. Each of these challenges is different, reflecting the gym leader's personality. Some, like Levincia's Electric-Type gym leader Iono, give relatively straightforward tasks to the player, while others require a bit more leg work. The Medali Gym challenge is easily one of the most convoluted in the game, though.


Players can initiate the challenge the same way as all the others, by entering the gym and speaking to the receptionist behind the desk. He explains that before players can battle with the Normal-Type gym leader Larry, they will have to learn how to order a secret, off-menu dish at his favorite restaurant: the Treasure Eatery. That might sound simple, but there are a lot of steps involved, and the only hint players are given is to "find out how the regulars season their dishes." Played organically, this has players speaking to every person and Pokémon in town, trying to find clues about the hidden dish. That's a bit of a hassle, so here's what players need to do to find out how to order the secret dish.


Hints 1-2

Players should begin by going to the restaurant itself. It's the sizeable traditional-looking building decorated with pokéball-shaped paper lanterns located right beside the eastern Pokémon Center. This is where players can place their order, but first, they need to figure out precisely what they're ordering.


Players can start by speaking to the office worker in the gray suit eating at the bar. He will state that "a nice squeeze of lemon gives any dish a refreshing kick." This is the first hint and, by far, the easiest to obtain. Getting the rest is going to require walking around town.

To get the second, players must battle a young girl from the academy named Adara, located near some of the food carts on the wood-floored plaza near the center of town. After beating her, she will tell the player to look for "the odd one out at one of the ice cream stands." If the player goes to the ice cream stand, they will see that they are selling Grilled Rice Balls in addition to the four flavors of ice cream. This is the primary dish that players will be ordering.


Hints 3-4

Before getting the third hint, players will need to battle another student. This one is named Santiago, and he's located in the southern corner of town, opposite the two Pokémon Centers. He will eventually tell the player to "listen really closely to the blue bird Pokémon." As players have been running around, they might have noticed a man in town wearing a helmet with a Squackabilly perched on top. After a while, the Squackabilly will start saying, "Meedyum! Meedyum!" clueing the player in on the size of the secret order.


Players can get the fourth hint by battling the student named Gisela, located near the center of the road along the northwestern edge of town. After winning, she tells gamers to look for "a dark spot surrounded by stairs." This is actually located right beside her. A small amphitheater is surrounded by stone stairs with a dark gated pathway at the bottom. The murals on either side of the tunnel are supposed to indicate extra crispy, Fire Blast style as the correct temperature for the food, although this is easily the most nebulous hint of the lot.

Turning it all in

Once players have all the clues, they should return to the Treasure Eatery. Players who don't wish to go through the trouble of collecting the clues can skip to this part and enter the secret order without consequence. The man wearing the green apron near the front can take their order. Here is the correct way to input the ingredients to get the secret dish:

  • Grilled Rice Balls
  • Medium serving
  • Extra crispy, Fire Blast style
  • Lemon

When the server calls out the order, the chef will acknowledge that it is correct, and the restaurant's main floor will rumble before turning into Larry's Pokémon battle arena. Players can start the battle by speaking to the server again, but it would be wise to take advantage of the opportunity to leave the restaurant, heal Pokémon, and save before partaking in the gym battle.

Once the player speaks to the server the second time, he will call for Larry, and the man in the gray business suit who gave players the lemon hint will stand up, revealing that he's, in-fact, Medali Gym's Normal-Type leader. All players have to do after that is defeat him.