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How To Pet The Exo Dog In Destiny 2 Season Of The Seraph Explained

Everybody loves a good doggo. And for dog lovers everywhere, there is a very special treat hidden in "Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph" where you can actually pet one.

"Season of the Seraph" is the 19th season in "Destiny 2," and among other things, it brings new activities called heists, a new Dungeon, and tons of new gear. Canonically, the story behind "Season of the Seraph" involves player's character attempting to restore the Rasputin AI to use its super-weapons against a villainous threat. It's an intense new chapter in "Destiny 2" lore that concludes "The Witch Queen" arc alongside major PvP changes, but that's not to say that there aren't elements within "Season of the Seraph" designed to lighten the mood. Enter the Exo Dogs.


For those unaware, an Exo Dog is a mostly-mechanical dog that shares many characteristics with its organic counterparts. Such similarities include being adorable and wanting to be loved by anyone or anything that crosses its path. In "Season of the Seraph," an Exo Dog is waiting around for all of the pets, and players are just the one's it's waiting on to dole them out. Not only that, but the Exo Dog can come home with Guardians, taking up residence in the H.E.L.M. to be an emotional support companion when space combat becomes too much. Here's where players can find the lovable Exo Dog.

Be sure to pet the good boy!

The Exo Dog can be found during the exotic "Operation: Seraph's Shield" mission. But getting to this pooch will require some work and dedication. After obtaining the Revision Zero Exotic pulse rifle through the "Season of the Seraph" story, players can hunt down and destroy Security Drones that have been hidden throughout the game's locales. There are 50 in total, 38 in the wild, and 12 within "Operation: Seraph's Shield." Once players eliminate every Drone, a new door be accessible during the "Operation: Seraph's Shield" mission. 


After entering the room where players have their second encounter with the Hive boss, the door will be over to the left. Players will know it's correct because it'll have 50 circles on its sides representing the 50 Security Drones. Once through the door, Guardians must keep their wits about them, as another jumping sequence and puzzle still rests between them and their new dog friend.

Upon locating the dog, players can approach it — as it isn't hostile. As shown in Redditor Lionel_Guardian's video, players will be offered an "Activate Good Boy Protocol" prompt when close. Activating said protocol allows Guardians to pet the Exo Dog and show it the love it deserves.

After finding the good boy, players can (possibly temporarily) keep it as a pet. Once interacted with, the Exo Dog relocates to the H.E.L.M., and gamers will even earn a triumph called "Yes, You Can Pet the Dog."